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  1. still lifting bruhhh?

    Ha! Im in the market for another nissan coming back from Euro..... So thought I'd check out NS.com, then come back to this section.... I started lifting because a few guys from here helped me get started in 2009. 8 years on, represented Australia 3 times at world champs for powerlifting, won 2 of those. Best lifts are 295 squat, 167.5kg bench, and 330kg deadlift, under 100kg. My very first training session is logged here, Ive come a bit of a way
  2. 2006 Yamaha Yzf-r6 - $7,500

    Make : YAMAHA YZF-R6 Kilometres : 29000 Price : $7,500 Condition : Used Ive owned this bike for a number of years, and still rides like the first day I got her. Its never been to the track, and its NEVER been dropped. The bike is in awesome condition, and is always serviced regularly, last service was 2.5 months ago, and has traveled less than 100km since. Tyres being run are Michillen pilot pure's and have have loads of meat left with NO flat spots. As much as Id love to keep her, I just dont get time to ride anymore. Runs Micron pipe, fender eliminator and tinted screen. I have all originals parts to go with sale. Also have gear that can be sold with the bike call or text scott on 0400 31 9394
  3. Scott's training log

    Done some benching and pulling with Oni/Ricky Monday Bench 20kg x5464 60kg x 8 100kg x5 120kg x3 135kg x1 147.5kg x3 147.5kg x3 147.5kg x3 147.5kg x3 147.5kg x3 CG bench 100kg x5 120kg x3 135kg x3 140kg x3 PB 145kg x2 Chins BW+8kg x8 BW+8kg x8 BW+8kg x8 Military press 20kg x8 40kg x8 60kg x8 60kg x8 60kg x8 Press downs - 2 orange bands 8 8 8 Today Deadlifts - ivankos 70kg x5 120kg x5 160kg x5 195kg x3 225kg x3 255kg x2 270kg x3 270kg x3 270kg x3 DB bench 15's x8 25's x8 35's x5 50's x10 50's x10 50's x10 Curls 20kg x8 30kg x8 40kg x12 40kg x12 40kg x12 2.5" DB row 10kg x8 20 kg x8 30kg x8 30kg x8 30kg x8
  4. Scott's training log

    Did some deadlifting tonight. 70kg x5 120kg x5 170kg x5 210kg x3 240kg x2 265kg x5 300kg x1 - 15kg PB and 1kg of the open WR. I was only meant to do 3x3 at 265kg.... On the first rep the bar just popped off the floor... same with the second..... same with the 3rd..... I wasnt going to stop.... 4th, 5th.... just seemed to pop up effortlessly. I knew then, if I was ever going to pull 300kg, it was now. Slammed the plates on, and picked it up. I am pretty f**king stoked. Was it silly? Yes. Do I regret it? No f**king way.
  5. Scott's training log

    Cheers man, and I wish I f**king could lol. Benched with Steve last night 20kg x16 60kg x8 100kg x5 120kg x3 135 kg x2 147.5kg x3 147.5kg x3 147.5kg x1 Floor press 70kg x5 115kg x3 125kg x3 Pendaly row 70kg x8 110kg x8 110kg x8 110kg x8 DB Tricep extensions 10's x8 20's x8 20's x8 20's x8 Flys 20's x12 20's x12 20's x12 Notes- Bench is getting heavy. The single was meant to be a triple, but touched a good 1.5 inches high, no chance of pressing it. Left it there. Got through it all in 1hr 15min. Fastest session of the year...... By far.
  6. Scott's training log

    Write up in the local
  7. Scott's training log

    Squat - walk out - raw raw. 20kg x8 60kg x8 100kg x8 140kg x5 170kg x3 Mono 200kg x2 Wraps 230kg x3 230kg x5 230kg x5 GHR - yellow band around neck 12 12 12 Power shrug 120kg x8 170kg x12 220kg x12 170kg x16 Curls 20kg x8 30kg x8 45kg x8 45kg x8 45kg x8 Notes- Feels great to have my head back in the game. Just stepped on the scales at 96.5kg, my heaviest ever. Damo slammed the gate shut after my 3rd rep on the 2nd set, and I just yelled at him MOAR. It was meant to be 3x3 but I needed a good arse kicking to wake me up, and I think it worked. Benching 147.5kg for triples tomorrow, my max is 150kg. Should be fun.
  8. Scott's training log

    Benched yesterday while I waited for my deadlift date with Steve. 20kg x758 40kg x8 60kg x8 80kg x5 100kg x3 120kg x3 135kg x2 145kg x1 155kg x1 (+5kg from nats) 160kg x1 (+10kg from nats) Deadlifts 70kg x5 120kg x5 170kg x3 Add 60mm plate 210kg x1 230kg x1 252.5kg x3 252.5kg x3 252.5kg x3 252.5kg x3 252.5kg x3 Notes- Bench is feeling great. The 155kg rep touched to low, 160kg was spot on. The deadlift triple in teh vid was my 5th set. I was plenty fatigued at this stage. On the last rep, you can see the bar get away from me and make lockout a pain in the arse.... literally.
  9. Scott's training log

    I'll have to dig up my one from last year, but fat is up 1% to make me 11.5% but my lean body mass is up by 2kg. Weighed in at 94.7 morning weight, in jocks.
  10. Scott's training log

    Cheers man. Pretty fucjing stoked. MP 20kg x10 40kg x5 40kg x5 57.5kg x8 57.5kg x8 57.5kg x8 Tricep press down - 2 orange bands 12 12 12 DB curls 15's x20 15's x20 15's x20 PShrug 60kg x12 110kg x12 160kg x12 210kg x12 210kg x12 210kg x12
  11. Scott's training log

    Bench press 20kg x879 60kg x10 100kg x5 120kg x3 132.5kg x2 140kg x5 140kg x5 140kg x5 Notes- Felt awesome. Benching with Dave, Ricky and Zach is really pushing my strength up. Loving it right now. Just wish I wasnt nursing 2 torn quads. Will do assistance work tomorrow.
  12. Exercise Knowledge needed

    Why are you doing this program?
  13. Scott's training log

    Bench press 20kg x356754 60kg x8 80kg x5 100kg x3 120kg x2 137.5kg x5 137.5kg x5 137.5kg x5 Floor press 70kg x5 110kg x3 125kg x3 132.5kg x3 137.5kg x3 PB 140kg x3 PB Pendlay rows (trap bar) 20kg x8 40kg x8 60kg x8 80kg x8 105kg x8 105kg x8 105kg x8 Flys (DB) 5kg x8 15kg x8 25kg x10 25kg x10 25kg x10 Lying tricep extension (DB) 10kg x5 20kg x5 30kg x5 30kg x5 30kg x5 Notes- *milkshake* of a day before I got to the gym. I f**king hate walking and public transport. It can eat a fat dick. Bench is feeling strong as f**k, really enjoying the sessions. By far the strongest laying on my back. 30's were a little to heavy i think for the tricep ext, I'll go back to 25's n On another note, got everything sorted that has been distracting me from training, it's full steam ahead for worlds. PUMPED.
  14. Scott's training log

    Deads 70kg x5 120kg x5 160kg x3 Add 60mm deficit 200kg x3 230kg x1 245kg x5 245kg x5 245kg x5 DB bench 10kg DB's x8 25kg DB's x8 40kg DB's x5 50kg DB's x10 50kg DB's x10 50kg DB's x9 Notes- Just went through the motions today. No assistance work. A lot on my mind in regards to work/life and my lifting. Pretty big decisions to make over the next 2-3 days.
  15. Scott's training log

    Bench 20kg x467383 60kg x8 100kg x8 120kg x3 132.5kg x5 132.5kg x5 132.5kg x5 132.5kg x5 132.5kg x5 Close grip bench 100kg x3 115kg x3 127.5kg x3 Chins +6kg 8 8 8 Military press 20kg x8 40kg x8 55kg x8 55kg x8 55kg x8 Dips BW x5 16kg x5 32kg x5 48kg x5 48kg x5 48kg x5 Tricep press down - 2 orange bands 12 12 12 Notes- Bench felt strong as f**k. The very last rep slowed down slightly, but aside from that, they were mint. It gassed me for my CG though, -7.5kg from last week, though indisnt actually try a heavier weight.