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  1. Stolen!

    The car isn't covered as its there more as a favour. irrespective, barbies comments are incorrect. If the car is left with a workshop for for legitimate repair, then the workshop is liable unless otherwise agreed.
  2. Stolen!

    Over the last week there have been repeated thefts on my SIL80. So far i have had all four of the rims stolen, gear knob, extinguisher, gearshift boot, rear tail lights and centre garnish (Type X), and a few gauges. I expect the rims will probably be resprayed by now, but they are easily recognisable. The centre garnish is a carbon and the text reads "RPS13" - another recognisable feature. All the gear was stolen from out the front of Dr Drift's workshop in Brooklyn, west Melbourne over the last week. This has upset me quite a bit, as these parts were to be sold to pay for the conversion of this motor into another shell, and now some low life deadsh!t scum has set me back quite a bit. These guys would have been visitors to Dr Drift's workshop before, and they knew what they were after. Reward for any information on who may have stolen the parts would be appreciated, as i have some rather big blokes that are keen to pay me back a favour. Photos of the missing parts:
  3. Custom Fabrication

    My SIL80 was involved in a small shunt a while ago and unfortunately has bent the front of the left rail. It has been inspected both in tassie and over here in vic with the consensus being it is unable to be straightened/repaired. I dont want to swap any of the contents over to another shell due to the sentimental value this car has to me over the years. Which leads me to my request: Who is capable of chopping off the front of the car and creating a custom tube-frame front in tassie? And, (dare i ask) what costs are we looking at? Cheers!
  4. Tassie trading sub forum

    Really???? i didnt even know it exsisted! Boost's works well, and that gets heaps of exposure. +1 to sub forum. Or at least move it to the Tas section!
  5. Got iPhone 3GS? Running iOS4?

    UPDATE: If you go into your settings and turn off 3G when not in poor reception areas, or not using internet on the iPhone, you will notice the BIGGEST power consumption improvement of them all. Ive gone from 68% usage overnight to 1% usage overnight. Brilliant.
  6. Got iPhone 3GS? Running iOS4?

    Already onto that sam. The problem im having is all i did was update to 4, and battery went shizen. Settings no different. But yeah, wait till they fix the bugs in this one first before updating. Freaking POS.
  7. Got iPhone 3GS? Running iOS4?

    Hey guys, i know a lot of us run iPhone's on here, and since upgrading to iOS4 im losing 83% battery overnight when going to bed with 100% charge. After returning my phone twice and being given a new one twice @ the apple store in Vic, i thought it had to be something else. After some searching online i found this post that might interest you guys. Havent had the phone running long enough to see if its fixed it, but makes sense: "I have seen some discussion of this, but it is pretty basic as changes go. After I upgraded to OS4 my battery life all but disappeared. The problem: multitasking applications running in the background without my knowing it. These applications sat quietly alone in the previous OS causing no harm. Now they drain the battery down rapidly. The solution: double press the home button, the bottom row of applications you now see are likely four in a large number you didn't know are running continuously. Press and hold one of the apps gently until they show a minus sign. Now close most or all of your apps. Swipe left to right to see the many apps you had running in the background and close them to conserve your battery. This strikes me as a clumsy system but at the moment I don't see any other way to protect your battery. "
  8. Lloyd Smith's 1UZ-FE AE71 Corolla Drift Car

    Brad, Cant remember where, but i had read about many 1UZ itb kits and spotted they made a good gain with nothing else short of extractors ect? Any thoughts as to why this isnt working out? and how was you power/torque curve in comparison to running the twin throttle setup?
  9. Bracing S13's

    Biggie: You are spot-on about the seat. when your moving in your seat, you brace yourself with your feet on the firewall, and usually will rest against the steering wheel which gives a loss of feeling to the car. IE: next time your in your car, when flooring it, only press the throttle down to 90% so your not pushing against the firewall, and you will notice the car "feels" different, even thought acceleration is about the same. A supportive seat is a must IMO.
  10. GT GARAGE DYNO NIGHT - JULY 17th from 12PM

    July maybe???
  11. EVO & Mazda hoodies are being designed as we speak! When will there be a post for the Mazda ones? i got a deposit burning a hole in my pocket.
  12. Veyron gets owned. Hard.

  13. Round 2 Symmons Plains Vids +Pics

    Holy f**k.
  14. Spot-on the money Jase.