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  1. lol ill get her to squat when she loses the 8 kg. cheers! Was on the incline bench press when you were leaving, that's when I recognized ya... Was wearing a black hoodie
  2. Pretty sure I saw you and your mates at Derrimut last night.....You wearing a green singlet?
  3. Not exactly on topic, but who are you doing your apprenticeship with? What trade school etc? You look familiar even though I don't think I've ever seen you lol
  4. The one I mentioned is a microwaveable pack. Snip the top off to let it breathe, punch 2:30 on your mic, wait 2:30, enjoy. It's actually pretty tasty and easy to eat. I add a splash of soy sauce for more flavor if I'm struggling
  5. I'll let others answer your question in full, but I cook brown rice that tastes good in 2.5 minutes. Sun rice fragrant brown rice from the supermarket...I buy the family packs, make a batch and use it with 3-4 chicken meals. I add mixed vegetables to it for extra flavor. As for subway, the amount of calories in a footlong from there is massive, so if you're trying to lose fat, I'd stay away from it as much as possible...There's a shit load of carbs in a footlong sub
  6. Oats Recipes - Got any good ones?

    The links go straight to Google home for me...
  7. I'm in the same boat, 400mm mains aren't light! The strength definitely comes in handy
  8. protein bars where to bulk buy cheap?

    Tried those once, couldn't even finish the bar it tasted that bad! Musashi Bulk are what I get, taste awesome, lowish carbs/sugars etc, 40g protein Safeway/Coles sell em at around $4.60, couldn't find any cheaper online, but as mentioned above they have em on sale every now and for just over $3 so I stock up then.. Don't eat em that often though, only every now and then when in a rush or just to change it up..
  9. I think the point he and a lot of others are trying to make is that most people can get big, just eat a lot and lift heavy shit... To get big and lean is much more challenging though as you actually have to watch what you eat a lot more, while still eating enough...So nutrition comes into it a lot more than just getting big... That's just my opinion though
  10. fat gripz

    Jay Cutler uses them, must make you huge.
  11. what pre work are you using?

    I go some black coffee if I'm feeling a bit flat before gym, like on Mondays where I finish at 6am (rest of the week is day shift so sunday night f**ks me up) I sleep maybe 5 hours so as not to throw my sleeping pattern off for Monday night. Got a free pre-workout supp with my last order of protein, but yet to use it..
  12. Post your Gym vids

    I'm gonna attempt to clear this shit up in the simplest way possible What everyone needs to realize, is that not everyone wants to be a powerlifter/strong/move massive weight, and not everyone wants to be a 'bodybuilder'. Buschy probably doesn't give a shit that he can't bench 200kgs and more than likely trains to look a certain way, a way that he's probably happy with. No one is doubting that 200kg bench presses and 265kg dead lifts are impressive to say the least, but if I'm being honest, you don't look good in my opinion. And that's all it is, an opinion. I'm sure you're more than happy with the way you look, and that's all that matters to you. I'll go out on a limb and say that you'd be more worried about your totals than your appearance, that doesn't mean Buschy or anyone else has to conform to your idea of what's right though. I never saw him paying out on power lifters until everyone started giving him shit for being happy with his appearance, so I don't see why the power lifting crowd on NS feel the need to get stuck into him. I'd choose a body like his over yours personally, but again that's just my opinion. If I had to say one thing to the power lifting crowd on this site, I'd tell them to do what they do, lift some heavy shit. There's no need to have a crack at those who have different motivations for training...Are they hurting you? Are they claiming to be stronger than you? No. Note: I do not know Buschy, never met him.
  13. How bad do you want it

    Anyone would think it was your son in the video and I just called him shit. I'm sorry I'm not as easily motivated as you...Takes a bit more than a preacher's words to get me going, but don't let that dull your shine...It's nothing personal.
  14. How bad do you want it

    Mute the sound and tell me it's still incredibly motivating. I don't know what you guys do sports wise, but that training didn't look all that intense/hard to me... I'm sure he's extremely talented, and has a great rig, but the training itself did not inspire me at all. The way you're all carrying on, why not get the audio in mp3 format and motivate the shit out of yourselves through your iPod?