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  1. S1 BN/DMAX widebody s14 drift car

    so did ye old mallala drift prac. before hand slapped a fresh dash in and cleaned some wiring up, got another alignment. discovered this car has that whole retarded s14/15 issue with the rear subframe sitting retardedish (the RH wheel sits 10mm further over than the left) i did some reading around and apparently its more common than i thought. measured everything up and the cars straight, guards spaced the same etc, so not 100% sure what ill do to fix it. anywho. got alignment done, got it home, then discovered that my wheels sit funky in the guards even more... traction arm on the RH must be tweaked a bit as the wheel sits further forward in the guard than on the left. pretty much went meh and headed to prac anywho. got there late, got 4 laps in on the scrappies i had. upon going to swap wheels over for tires discovered i have to drop the knuckle off the coilover to get the wheel out from under the guard.... so thats retarded lol. car went well over all, no real issues other than my retarded driving. had some issues with t1 entering waayyyyy to late mainly as couldnt see shit haha. https://youtu.be/MjkRKbyZ2Dg https://youtu.be/HS9xIfFOt14 only casualty from the night was the front bar, had a momentatry loss of talent on t2 and got beached as f**k ripping it off, slapped it back on after getting pushed out. then two laps later clipped a ripple strip, wiped the bar out along with my cooler piping, had to do a full transit lap around mallala back to pits with the bar under the car... so that sucked. but yeah, current plan is to slap traction arms in the back to sort that, finish cleaning up the dash situation, probably do some vinyl purely to hold the guards together/cover up the scratches, and paint my spare BN bar while this one gets repaired. then im good for DCA round 2 in mt gambier.
  2. S1 BN/DMAX widebody s14 drift car

    literally any nissan i have ill go a nisstune, as quite basicly for the price you cant go wrong. they also recently released the software/gear to go flex tune with nisstune to, which im looking at doing. (need to get a fresh tune before DCA in mt g) this setup is nisstune on e85, with a HPX afm mounted just before the throttle body (funnily enough apparently this was one of the first in aus to see how/if it would work) in other news got keen today, new dash in. eyeballed an alignment, just need to swap my front pipes over (mine is a duel 2' front pipe and hits my chassis rail) and im good for drift prac this weekend at mallala
  3. S1 BN/DMAX widebody s14 drift car

    lol, i remember when the classfieds first changed and was like, welllll this is all down hill now. and the ol HKS GTRS does the trick atm. i still havent re-tuned it since my dodge up qld tune. will get jaustec to give it a fiddle before DCA mt gambier togue round.
  4. S1 BN/DMAX widebody s14 drift car

    yeah man his over bendigo way, sold this to fund a impala haha
  5. S1 BN/DMAX widebody s14 drift car

    alright. so long story short. the beige s14 lasted a good 7 months of events every weekend i was home, plus some interstate stuff at raleigh. was a f**king rad car. bit of footage of that below from tailem bends last private day before the overhaul https://youtu.be/DHdvBl6RULs so i did a headgasket that day, decided to freshen the whole thing up before DCA round 2, and QR matsuri. so i needed a new motor, some dents kicked out and a paint job.... i wound up buying another s14 to reshell into, and came across this motor in QLD. had it freighted down and slapped in. what a waste of time in the end but f**k it, was a fun experiment and i wound up breaking even haha so literally got it together a week before it was to be loaded up on the truck and sent to raleigh for round 2 of DCA... i was flying out for work on the tuesday. finished this monday. had it tuned. not a issue all day of thrashing on the dyno. made 304kw @17psi or so. got it aligned, upon a blocky before dropping it back off to where it was getting loaded up. it shit a rocker... the night before i was flying out for work at 6am the next day. fast forward me f**king off to work, and needing to handball it off to a workshop to have it sorted. got that done, loaded up and on the truck it went. fast forward DCA r2 raleigh weekend. truck showed up late (got there late sat arvo) so i qualified 22nd in the DCA ceffy with a half popped motor and bent tie rods from the guest malaysian driver. unload the s14. get it stickered up for the sunday. sunday morning roll out for prac. 1st lap. super rad. everyone loosing their shit over the sound. 2nd lap over the rise into the downhill esses, car seems down on power, oil light on. pull into pits. oil everywhere. dipstick ejaculated. knock knock. big end bearings. f**king great! wound up competing in a mates sil80 that arvo. made it into top 16 and was knocked out by the blaze unit s15 after the throttle cable unseated itself on the sil80 i was in. wrapped that up. got absolutely wankered that night then the next day we towed it up to brissy as we had QR matsuri the next weekend. enter one week of sourcing another motor and swapping shit around/over. found a rebuilt SR with a GTRS and some other goodies. got on it, slapped it in. got it tuned thurs night before QR, took it to archy. did like 2 laps before track closed, did a glorious run. then headed down to QR on the friday. skidded sat and sunday flat out. had the turbo almost fall off 50000 times, welded a brand new OSgiken clutch to the flywheel, had 3 rockers snap etc. still managed 150+ laps haha got the car home and drove it some more before going full retard on it.
  6. S1 BN/DMAX widebody s14 drift car

    yeah forums died out hardcore. im still active on secret drift a fair bit, but good old NS seems to be ghost town haha. last track is actually just a driftkhana event a mate organised down in mt gambier at the sales yard. was super good fun and a good shakedown for the car. SR20DETT spam incoming below man! yeah man jam jams old car. mate bought it, drove it once. decided to buy another house so parted it... i saved the shell
  7. so long story short i havent been active on here in a while as quite basicly its been dead as hell. But im bored so here we goooo so this all began with my s14 SR20DE+T missle/practice car. many a good time, drove a heap of events until i did a HG on it. then decided to tidy it up with a new motor and reshell into one with rego. wound up like this... had an interesting motor set up (SR20DETT with twin greddy td05s, made 310kw on 16psi, but popped the motor after not long) did some more events, street drove it, had fun with it. then realised im to old for street cars and was going to widebody + full cage it to compete in some more competitions (mainly drift challenge australia) . lo and behold a mate was parting his s14 out, and a deal was struck on his shell... fast forward two months. sr20det (rebuilt) tomei poncams tomei rocker stoppers billet rockers spitfire coilpacks nisstune ecu (e85 tune) HPX afm BPP billet fuel rail 1000cc ID injectors turbosmart fpr800 FMIC 3" exhaust koyo radiator HKS GTRS turbo cusco 2way PBM arms PBM drop knuckle IKEYA formula tie rods IKEYA formula castor rods rear subframe solid mounted and reinforced RB25DET gearbox conversion silkroad RM8 coilovers jap modded knuckles BRIDE fixed back sparco harnesses nardi wheel omori gauges ASD hydro (duel calipers) full weld in cage BN front, rear, sideskirts DMAX 30mm front guards ORIGIN 50mm spaced to 70mm rear guards WEDS cerebus 18x11 -0 rears WORK VSXX 18x10 -25 front + more ive likely forgotten. all the good bits to have a reliable fun car. So as far as "building" this thing, its all done Wrapped up the hydro install and a bunch of little things over the past couple days. Had the usual sr20 dramas of snapping a mani stud while giving everything a spanmer check. Sorted that plus some last minute wiring and its ready to load on the trailer tomorrow to head down to Mt Gambier for shake down. Which went pretty rad. Ill let pics do the talkies
  8. You wouldnt perchance live in mt gambier out of curiosity?
  9. as per flier 6th and 7th of june raleigh raceway NSW. D1GP legend shinji minowa guest driving. driver entrys $320. camping on site availible and a decent party on the saturday night. NSW/QLD dudes get on it. heap of us SA guys are making the trek!
  10. this is how mines sitting these days currently in bits re working the rear guard to go lower.also notching the front top rail so i can bring the front back down an inch or so.
  11. i know a fair people would be keen to suss this. currently sussing getting time off work to make the 2000k trip! incidently. round 3 entries for DCA melbourne @ calder park are still open!
  12. Who will stretch tyres in Adelaide?

    talk to troy and the guys at tyrepower down sir donald bradman. they do all my bits, never had an issue
  13. Ripped Off by Cazman! BUYER BEWARE!

    getting hold of cazman on a good day is near impossible lol
  14. bingo. that said if i ever get word the speed cameras dont work down there, it be the perfect spot to do do some wangan spec runs hahahaha