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  1. FS: Manual Boost Controller Copy

    Yep looks like that price changed
  2. Boost controller,ball bearing Manual screw type, a copy of the the turbosmart ones. $20 can post, probably cost $6 Perth WA Dave 0404 324 623
  3. FS: S15 JDM Rear Tail lights

    Taillights for s15 JDM original s15 rear tail lights, housing only, no plugs I can get more photos on request, condition is used. Will post, need your post code and suburb for quote, Perth WA price: $180ono Dave 0404 324 623
  4. FS: S15 JDM Cluster 180km

    item: JDM Dash cluster from S15 manual Description:I cant remember the year, but has roughly around 125,000km on clock the last time i checked, has been sitting in storage since, prob about 1 year or 2. used condition, scratches on lens, check photos. Price: 120 Location: Perth WA Willing to post?: Will post , will use courier , just need your post code for quote on costs. Contact: Dave 0404324623
  5. DOne the trip a while ago lololol It was good! loved it after i got it tuned and drove it back XD Just dont have air con running and trying to overtake a semi!! heating problems comes up, just overtake only when necessary. especially depending on the heat in the outback, where i was driving was constantly 34 degrees or more out there.. Oh btw, im planning to go SYdney now from Perth... But not driving my S15 LOLOL XDD Taking a PLane across, in july and was wondering if you guys know of any places to visit for sight seeing/ attractions, festivals any good food restaurants etc,ill located near mecure hotel sydney. so far theres a winter festival in syd starting 22july, has any one been? might check that out, but like to get people's views and experiences. and hoping theres a bus that can do all our trips where ever we go. Any info would be great Cheers Davo!!
  6. Walbro vs Bosch fuel pumps

    +1 Exactly mount it right and should be no noise, only when it primes on start up. got mine done at shop.
  7. Walbro vs Bosch fuel pumps

    My 040 is exactly the same. I can hear it prime up and that's it. It definitely wasn't hard to install. I chopped off the bottom of the cradle, lined up the new pump so the bottom was sitting exactly where the bottom of the old pump was, then used 2 metal hose clamps to secure it in place. The hardest bit about the install was screwing the damn cap with the cradle back onto the fuel tank. Such an awkward position to lie in and stuffed if I could get the threads to match up! I reckon I spent about an hour just trying to get that cap screwed on again! Ahhh im glad i didnt have the cap to contend with lol, with my ceifro and type x install they just have the normal 6 bolts that secure it. Also when mounting the fuel pump in the tank i measured from bottom of tank to the top then gave the fuel pump about a centimetre of space from the bottom of the tank, is this enough however? So is everyone with the 040 installing to align with the old pump or doing what Ceffy has done and mounted it a CM of from the bottom of tank? This will surely get all the fuel and but will it cause if any trouble inside the tank? interested as im gona give installing the pump a go this weekend.
  8. Bumpage So anyone found collars to these denso/sard injectors? as i got the 850 2450 denso ones and need collars for s15 sr20..
  9. Denso Injectors and sr20

    Ok, I just ask Taark bout getting the collars an stuff. and he says the 850s he seen uses thicker non standard o-rings and also use aluminium collars to hold them in the fuel rail. And he doesnt supply them is it possible to ust get any collar n o-rings that suit the 2450 injectors, or does it have to be specific ones.? I never knew Densos came in different branding. arent they all same (using 850cc injectors as example) in build, maybe just looks different on outside.
  10. Denso Injectors and sr20

    well i got the denso 2450s but havent put them in engine and tune yet. As i don't know what else is needed to get it installed right, and if it will run ok. Heard you need new bits and pieces, which i have no clue about Im gona fit these to S15. have you fitted them to your car?
  11. Denso Injectors and sr20

    So what you are saying is the Denso 2450s are not worth it in a mildy modded car? (basic Boltons), and tunning it will be pretty crap. List your mods if it helps. just trying to find out as well if it be worth getting these densos inj.
  12. my 180SX - a means to an end.

    Track it! You will have an audience for all your mad skills!! I have to say man, well done on the repairs! Looks good as new , especially the bonnet aye.. Either way like some people have said, makes me wana just get a shitter that i dont care and experiment and drift that! Keep inspired with this beast of a machine!
  13. My New Clutch Kit n Flywheel

    i'd like to know how long ur clutchs last if u dont bed them in lol. at least 500km's of conservative driving before u go dumping it. its still going now but its softer then before unless i got used to it already..lol. i guess everyone has there own opinion on the bedding process..i think i hit hard when i got it fresh..still doing good hehe but will be buying a new kit, going bigger power...maybe exedy hd hmmm
  14. mongoose M80 alarm?

    hey what features do you have installed? do you have the Ultrasonic Mics? Til Sensor? Microwave Sensors? As i think that will determined the model type..i've got M80AU but old model not the new 2010/09 model and it was with the Ultrasonic Mics. If not check the mongoose website should have PDF downloadable Files manuals brochures etc. hope it helps Plus regarding the lock, Mine never locked after the timer turns off, only immobilises..i had to press 1 after jumped out of car and still running(to lock the doors). then wait for time to end and press 1 again to arm and lock and activate the Ultrasonic sensors, etc. But am interested if there is a way to auto arm and lock..maybe it is the wiring after all..
  15. Its out sorry to bring old post but its roughly going for 30,000 new, Many ideas dlow in the head in styling one of these,like the japs do with there hektic vans