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  1. I have evo9 brembos on the front and r33 rears on my s13 with STANDARD pads. last track day I did a session in my mates car with r33 non brembo brakes all round with good pads (cant remember exactly what brand) His car felt considerably better than mine. Basically after driving his car I have realised on the street, you will never need more braking power than standard skyline brakes with quality pads !!!
  2. Motor is on hold for someone, turbo manifold gate sold
  3. hks gt-rs turbo on standard manifold with genuine tial 38mm external gate and screamer pipe. The internal gate is wired shut so can be returned back to normal in a few seconds. Excellent condition minimal play, comes with all the braided lines. It made 289rwkw on e85 and 20 psi. After $1300 or $950 for turbo only and $350 for manifold, gate, screamer. The motor is also for sale, it has hks 264/264 cams and rocker stoppers. Im keeping the sump I still have to take it off. I would keep the cams but cant be stuffed removing them so don't ask. After $1200 In Adelaide northern suburbs, ring Chris on zero four 01483906
  4. koyo rad, custom catch can suit sr20

    Catch can sold
  5. triple core koyo rad suit sr20 $300 ono custom catch can also suit sr20 $100 ono in adelade but can post if need be at buyers expense, ring chris on zero four 01483906
  6. For Sale my cefiro safety 21 half cage, comes with all plates, nuts, bolts. The main hoop has padding, used to be a full cage has provision for the front section to be attached. After $400 no less. In Adelaide ring Chris zero four 01483906 thanks
  7. For Sale a pair of bride fixed back replicas, excellent condition no rips or tears. Come with super low rails by Australian company power rails. After $750 for both, not separating unless someone wants the passenger side first. In Adelaide ring Chris zero four 01483906
  8. Selling my Koya RG as I have gone 5 stud recently, they are in excellent condition with just a few small rash marks Have 235/40 maxxis and 225/40 mismatched pair but all with good tread, In Adelaide after $950 ono Cheers Chris 0401 483 906
  9. The way I see it is No effort - it will look good but flake off as soon as you touch it Lots of effort - it will also look look good but last I'm not after show quality finish just Don't want the paint coming off as soon as I throw a set of tyres in the back Also, for the people who used real cheap repco/super cheap auto cans how's the wear resistance with that paint?
  10. Bit of a thread revival rather than start a new one I'm gonna paint my interior soon just wondering how much or little prep everyone does prior to paint I was thinking of just going over the old surface with scotchbrite pads or a steel brush to roughen it up? Do you really have to go to the effort of sanding everything down with wet dry like for the exterior?
  11. Price : $1,400 Condition : Good Im taking parts of my cefiro so this front brake kit is up for sale. This is a straight bolt on for S13 S14 R32, the last photo shows the difference between a r32 4 pot front caliper The calipers are off an evo9, the rotors are top of the line Project Mu SCR PRO 2 piece items with a RRP of $1355 !! The adaptor plates are by Touge Factory in the USA I don't have any verniers to accurately measure rotor thickness, these have seen 5 or 6 hard circuit days and the rest has been drift use. The calipers need new pads otherwise ready to go, Im after $1400 for the lot in Adelaide Cheers Chris 0401 483 906