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  1. 1990 Pintara TRX headlight swap

    Lenses are glass, wont make much difference compared to plastic lenses. Could always investigate doing a projector retrofit, buy a second pair of headlights and muck around with them . me too lol but I stumbled across this one and grabbed it .... I have a soft spot for a good old TRX Same, i used to have one many moons ago.
  2. 180sx Issues

    Thanks mate, ill have a look!
  3. 180sx Issues

    Ok, so i replaced the alternator with the reco'd one i have, and still the same issue. When i swapped them over i double checked the wiring etc on the back of the alt. Yet to check the alternator fuse though.
  4. Hi y'all, I have a few issues with my 180. Did a reshell a couple months ago, transferring engine, gbox, etc over. Everything was fine to start with, then about 3 weeks ago whilst driving id noticed that my dash had died, was still illuminated, but all the instruments were dead and the battery light had come on dimly. Also the park lights had stopped working, as had the power windows ( unsure if the windows are a separate issue or the start of the issues as they had stopped working and i swapped the door loom over to the one out of the old car i knew worked but changed nothing.) After doing some research i found out the battery light relates to the Alternator, so i started looking over the connections Large Black/Red, Plug with Medium white and small white/red, ground etc, they all seemed to be ok and had continuity from the alt to the fuse box. I checked the output which is read inbetween 14.9 and 15v at idle. Would i assume this could be a regulator issue on the alternator? If so, why would it cause the other issues? if the are in fact related? or just coincidental. Ive checked all the grounds ( i have a grounding kit) and the battery is brand new (6 weeks old). Nothing had been changed when it happened.I have a spare alternator i can try, but just wanted to get some opinions before i change it. Im stumped. Any help is appreciated! Josh
  5. Howdy all, First time poster, long time reader to this section. So, ive decided im going to purchase a TIG welder, and learn as i go, with the aid of youtube, I currently have a MIG that ive become competent enough with. Ive been lucky enough to get my hands on a Fronius Transtig 1600 for a rather decent price, as far as i can tell. Im just wondering if anyone has had any experience with the brand or model? Reviews ive read have been good. Is it suitable for a TIG noob? Whats the best way to start learning?
  6. The Home Theatre Thread

    My home theatre aint much to look at: Definative Audio BP8b's Wharfedale SW150 Sansui Au 505 (built 1975) Sony 55" led DacMagic 100 DAC PS3 I pretty much stream everything from the desktop to the PS3 via PS3 Media Server, or for music i run everything from my phone via the DAC
  7. Gran Turismo 6 announced

    man your totally missing the point. a good DRIVING simulator, is going to be a good DRIFITNG simulator. look at LFS for instance. theres no change in physics settings or anything when people want to drift in the game.. and thats what makes it awesome. I just never use the 'drift' part of the game.. If you have a 400hp 180sx with sport hard rears you will drift, easily.. Just go to freemode or whatever its called and have all your driving aids off and you can link basically every course fairly easily.. I hope you guys that are comparing the drifting to real life are using a force feedback steering wheel of some sort? Like, the game is gay as aids if you are using a controller.. Buy a driving force gt or up (g25, g27) and you will have the greatest time ever.. Agreed. I find the drift mode to be poo. Much rather chuck on a set of sports tyres and cut loose that way, and even with a car with 600+ hp, you can skid good with a set of racing hards.
  8. Welding cracks in S13/180sx wheel arches

    I did, but f**k knows where i put them. I used regular RHS from bunnings
  9. Welding cracks in S13/180sx wheel arches

    Fender braces are the go. I had massive cracks from the corner where the fire wall meets the inner guard and chassis rail to the hole where the brake line runs through in the inner guard. The reason they crack after running coilovers is, intsead of the coilover taking the shock and load from the road surface, the weakest part does, and in this case its the whole front fender section, it takes all the punishment, thus making it want to detach itself from the inner guard and fire wall. I made some simple triangular braces that i welded next to the door hinges and along the front fender section.
  10. I had a one like this a couple of weeks ago, dude sold us a phone with 7 or 8 child porn pics on it, got straight onto the cops, they cam down and picked up the phone, then came back the next day to pull his laptop that was on loan, got chatting with one of the Detectives, and aparently they found something like 50000 pics on his laptop. Pretty sure that f**ker went down bad.. havent seen him in at work since.
  11. BEER!

    Archive Beer Boutique in West End, you dont know beer until you've been there.
  12. I bought one of these about 3 weeks ago. Still actually haven't got it running yet, keeps dropping the calibration, haven't bothered to try again since. Anyone know what outputs on the ecu to connect to so my nistune can see it??
  13. The YouTube Thread Vol:Tres

    Could teach the bogans something about how to "drift" their VE's! lol
  14. EGI and IGN Coil Relays Hot

    Doesnt appear to be that. Anyone got any other ideas?? Im stumped
  15. EGI and IGN Coil Relays Hot

    Appears to be the EGI relay, pins 3 and 5 have power if i probe the holder with a test light ( the relay clicks as you place it in the holder) and went you put the EGI relay in and probe the IGN relay holder, pin 1 has power. If that helps..