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  1. God I need help with this game haha the only missions that seem to come up at the moment are shitty death matches!
  2. Aahh so you were inviting me! It wouldn't connect I didn't know what to do lol. Every time I tried to join your session it would just freeze up
  3. Just joined up as rhetles which is also my xbox live gamertag and will be on this arvo perth time, invite a hommie!
  4. Anyone wanna help me joining the xbox crew? Please I wanna get down tonight! Only level 4 lol
  5. The Android thread

    I like the sound of all of that I guess my mind is made up!
  6. The Android thread

    I'm about to pull the trigger on one of these and am also keen to know how the battery goes? It's a big bugger so I'd expect it to outweigh the big screen usage?
  7. Name this controller

    Looks like a controller for a subwooofer
  8. At least Rex doesnt build bombs...

    WINNING! The old bars were so much better!
  9. Epic car fail thread

  10. Epic car fail thread

    If you paper bag her she has a ludicrous rig for her age, she'd have to be in her mid 50's, then all the experience lol
  11. Epic car fail thread

    Would bang
  12. SIRIUS [Documentary]

    listened to Greer on the Rogan podcast and he seemed so dodgy and elusive, my bull shit meter was going off left right and centre. that said I'll still check this out because if 10% of what he said is true it would be worth watching.
  13. holy thread revival batman! just thought id check in, got my braces off 6 weeks ago and it was well worth the 15 months of slight annoyance. My teeth are unrecognisable, cost me just under 4000 after my rebates for anyone who is playing at home. If your teeth bother you like mine did don't hesitate go for it!
  14. The Ls14, It's rego time mofos..

    that looks f**king tidy! nicely done
  15. The Walking Dead

    QFT It shat me to tears as well!
  16. WTF

    This post didn't get the credit it deserved, well played sir
  17. kris's A31 Cefiro

    Hell yeah pillarless FTW can't wait to see how the new one turns out!
  18. Epic car fail thread

    Is that an inflated connie on the back? lol
  19. Epic car fail thread

    oh lawdy!