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  1. This is a pointless argument that has been done to death. The SR is a superior engine. It is newer, it makes better power and stronger. It is also very overpriced. Where the CA shines is its ability as a cheap turbo engine with reasonable performance. When you consider that a CA18DET costs almost half what an SR20DET does, it does make a good option for some people. You can still have a whole lot of fun with a CA18DET powered car. Also, to people living in I love SR20DET land, the SR is a 13 year old engine. By 2005 standards, it is not all that impressive anymore. 2L n/a engines are now making the almost same power from the factory as an SR20DET, and they do it quieter and smoother and more efficiently.
  2. well over the past couple of years all i have seen from the tech heads here is how they praise the golden engine "SR20DET". if someone says they either stuck with a CA18DET or better yet switched to one of the RB variants, they were flamed. this will show you how openly biased some of the members are here along with the tech heads. yet this forum is supposed to have been set up for the sole initial purpose of solving issues with Silvia's and 180SX's. we all realise that in the early part of manufacture these cars came with either a CA18DE or CA18DET. down the path of time, Nissan made an engine change to the SR20DE and SR20DET. reality is, any engine regardless will eventually give up if driven hard too many times. this is supposed to be where the tech heads step in and help solve the problem. not chastise a silvia owner for having any engine other than the SR20DET. Well said! I agree completely.
  3. VG30DET turbo running 12psi and has put out 141rwkw with the standard computer That is most likely why you don't notice your car running rich, CA injectors only have another 20 -30kw left in them on top of that. A relatively stock car will run very rich though. Bottom line is, a CA18DET was not designed to use a CA18DE loom. They are not the same, Nissan designed them that way for a reason. Do it properly and use the correct loom and you will get better results.
  4. I have the DET ECU, and will use the DE loom. I know a few people that have done this with no problems at all, and all that is different is the boost control solenoid basically. YCA18T is one of them! No, that is not right. The CA18DET loom has a dropping resistor wired into the injector circuit, the actual resistor sits in the passenger side of the engine bay. Without this, the injectors are receiving full voltage 100% of the time. The car will drive ok, but it will be running very rich, and you will foul plugs in no time.
  5. I still say egg nog mix about 6 eggs together with about 200ml of milf and youve got yaself one awesome prtein drink. do this twice a day and ur set, not to mention egg nog tastes real good. 12 eggs a day? Helloooo cholesterol city!!
  6. I have used creatine before, I found it allowed me to train a little harder for a little longer, but creatine will NOT make you stronger. It is great for power endurance sports (I used it for surboat rowing) as it helps replenish your ATP levels quicker, but the only benefit weight lifters will get out of it is looking bigger from water retention in the muscles. To the bloke thinking about using roids - I reccomend you read a book called "Confessions of an Unlikely Body Builder" by a guy called Sam Fussell. If you still want to use roids after reading that, you have a screw loose. It is fine to say you will only use them once for a short time - but you WILL lose muscle as soon as you stop using them, then you will use them to get big again, and the cycle continues. Steroids are f**ked - they are for people who are too lazy to do it the proper way, get the idea out of your head. Side effects include - acne, shrinking balls, shrinking knob, man tits, liver cancer........need i say more?
  7. Using a DE loom on a DET engine is just plain dodgy. I should know, I used one for a few months. Your engine will run so rich you will be going through plugs every fortnight. Get a proper DET ECU and loom, much much easier, and the result is 200% better. Don't do dodgy shit to save money, it only comes back to bite you in the ass later on!!!
  8. 1-Piece Tailshafts

    Maybe its just my ignorance, but, tailshafts don't have CV joints last time I checked.
  9. CA18DET questions

    Yep, it does matter which order you put the 'u-shaped bits' back on. E stand for exhaust cam, I stands for intake. I think, but am not sure, that the 1 starts the timing cover end, but check a service manual to make sure. It also matters which order you tighten the head bolts in - start from the centre and work your way out, again look at a service manual.
  10. CA18DET questions

    1. Yes. 2. $10 from any Nissan dealer.
  11. new engine wont start?

    There should be no real problem with it from what you describe. I know some sensors are different between the auto & manual engines, but i wouldn't think it would prevent the car starting all together. Perhaps try a ECU from an auto car?
  12. yeah yeah, ok, you know it all don't you. S12 CA18DET S12 engines
  13. Could be an S12 CA18DET??? From what I have seen, the injector plugs and heater hoses are the same on all S13 CA18DE/T. Maybe the S12's had an oil cooled turbo only, explaining why there is no water feed. I don't know, just throwing up ideas.
  14. brake failiure

    sounds like you boiled the fluid from either leaving the hand brake on, or more likely too much repeated heavy braking.
  15. I would have no problem with closing off topic, actually i think it would fix a few things. It worked well on ausrotary.com. But, off topic is so popular on ns.com, that i think it might lead to losing quite a few members. Although, I'm sure we can always do without members like this............. http://www.nissansilvia.com/forums/index.p...pic=64433&st=30