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  1. s13 CA18DET Bottom heater hose

    Thanks for the reply- I thought as much!
  2. Hey guys I need a new bottom heater hose for my S13 CA18DET is there a part number CH14....etc...can you buy from Supercheap/Autobahn or is it off to Nissan I go. cheers in advance (on Gold Coast)
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  5. CA18DET - timing issue

    Hi guys I may have a timing issue- can any one help Cheers Craig
  6. CA18DET -issues with setting timing

    ....all good I cleaned out the AAC unit and got a nice base idle (disconnected... then setting timing was easy as- thanks for everyones input- I have set timing to BTDC 10 degrees
  7. Hi guys I am having trouble setting the timing on my CA18DET with my timing light. History is - - Was converted from Auto to Manual about 2 years ago - Running an Air Pod - Timing belt changed about a year ago
  8. S13 CA18DET Fuel Filter

    Thanks for the replys guys
  9. I have searched numerous forums and I'm still not sure whether to buy a Z202 fuel filter (flows better apparently) or a Nissan factory (metal)...or some other brand.....which is the best value for money etc...were to buy etc any help is much appreciated
  10. ...so push the bottom tabs up first?...all 4 tabs..or work from one side first?..or work the bottom tabs out first?
  11. Hi Guys I have searched the forums and can only find s15 vent removals. I need info on S13 removal! Can anyone point me in the right direction either with previous posts, step by step with pictures or very good instructions! cheers centre one is like this
  12. Hi guys I have heard Digital speedos are unreliable?. Should I keep analog with original ks on clock?
  13. sr-ceffy- Thanks for that - I will try your method. cheers. sidenote: would this S15 wing fit a S13 bootlid?...does the base line up or do I need to re drill?
  14. Hey Guys I recently bought a factory Veilside rear wing which happens to be attached to a S15 bootlid. The four base screws have been taken out and I can only assume the wing is staying solidly in place by either black silicon or sickaflex. any ideas how I can seperate without damaging either bootlid or rear wing
  15. SEAT SWAPS S13/S14/S15 R32/R33/R34

    Sorry guys after reading all the threads I'm still not 100% on this. My situation is this.. I have an s13 Silvia..I want to put in S15 front and S15 rear seats. 1. will I need S15 rails for the front ?... and are they "plug and play to my S13"? or will my S13 rails fit perfectly to the S15 seats..no welding etc... 2. Do the S15 rear seats require alot of modification.....and what if any..... 3. Are the S15 rears a perfect fit or is there a 15cm gap either side as noted??..and where is the gap??...any one have photos?? Cheers in advance