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  1. did a manual conversion in a 33gtst series 1 and now the speedo reads at 50% of what actual road speed is. Still have the auto cluster. had the manual transducer and drive gear that came with the box and loom. Would it be just a matter of putting the auto drive gear on the manual transducer?
  2. ive got a redtop which is pretty much stock. Ive got problems with accelerating wot after giving it some boost. eg in 2nd gear accelerate to 5.5rpm and 12psi and then let off and then straight back onto WOT is jerks 2 or 3 times before getting power going again. happens with changing gears as well. The more boost it gets before closing the throttle the worse the jerking is when getting back to WOT. I dont have a bov so it flutters so im thinking it could be the afm getting pulsed and over fuelling the engine? Its been happening for ages and i cant remember if it started when i took my bov off. Does not feel coilpack related. feels like a bunny hop when taking off
  3. Can anyone please post up a pic of the rear seatbelts in a 180sx? Im trying to put my interior back together and the bolts ive got seem to be too long. I dont know if im missing a spacer. Its for the top reel not the bottom clickers.
  4. i called a place a while back about water damage repair and they said around $500 but im thinking might just get nistune instead
  5. I have a redtop 180 which got flooded and the power fc stopped working. nothing comes on the hand controller and the car just cranks. no fuel pump prime or anything. plug standard ecu in and it runs fine. I read a while back that the input resistor could be the cause? Heres a few pics of the circuit board, any electronic guys think its fixable?
  6. Just bought a 2nd hand camry which is in really good condition. today i tried applying some interior protecter because its coming into summer and dont want my dash looking like the one in my s13. The dash is already really shiny and black buts its all sticky. I tried to wipe it off but it wont budge. Any product i can use to get the sticky shit off without wrecking the colour of the dash?
  7. Ive got an asus laptop running windows 8 that ive had for a few months. about 2 weeks ago the sound suddenly dropped out and sometimes playing videos in facebook would stop playing after the first 2 seconds. To get around this i keep having to go into device manager and disable the "Intel display audio" and the "Realtek high definition audio drivers and then turn them back on. I also have to close my internet browser and start again before sound works. It also cuts sound from playing movies and mp3 in VLC and windows media players. f**king pissing me off as i have to do it everytime i turn it on. I have no idea what it could be. ive tried updating the drivers but it says they're already up to date.
  8. Just want to know if you guys recommend any chinese restaurants in brisbane. I live in carindale but have no probs going to sunnybank, mt gravatt or west end and valley. craving peking duck so they must do it well. Thanks
  9. Deadlifts - How to break that plateau?

    wrap a towel around the bar if you struggle with grip. the thicker the bar to easier to hold i find. i never use straps even when i lifted 215kg
  10. JET200 Version 4 Part 2 - Video

    really like these vids of jet200 but you need to get a new intro. its like im back in school learning windows powerpoint with cheesy 90's sound effects
  11. Im in the market to buy a used car and its been years since i have done it. What websites are any of you using to check the VIN for any money owing on it, insurance and theft claims? Theres a few sites on a google search but the prices vary from $6 to $36.
  12. 2014 F1 Discussion

    I would be furious if i was the mercedes boys. This has let their brilliant idea open to competitors to try and copy.
  13. Gain of running a decat pipe?

    I just bought a magnaflow 3 inch cat from the US on ebay. part number 94109 and cost about $120 delivered from Chicago and only took a week to get to me. havent put it on yet but im currently running a gutted cat and it f**king stinks at the back of the car. Will see what the fumes are like once its put on.