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  1. Anyone want to swap a 180sx front for my s13 front?

  2. Anyone want to swap a 180sx front for my s13 front?

    I'm keen as seriously I have a full Sr front end in black
  3. s14 sr20det hard to start warm and hesitates

    Thanks for the ideas guys I don't think its the knock map because it was doing it from standard boost
  4. s14 sr20det hard to start warm and hesitates

    Yeah changed them and coilpaks and ignitor and still has same problems maybe afm?? Arghhhhh
  5. hey guys, got an s14 s1, sr20det, fmic, 3" zorst turbo back, boost tee, walbro now i have a couple of problems; 1. The car will start straight away, i mean like one crank in the morning however, as soon as the car gets warm it cranks over for what seems like forever to get started, im thinking it could be ignitor, CAS, coils its driving me crazy 2. the car under full load goes really hard, until mid range revs and then feels like its running on like 30% power until around 5000 rpm and then clears up again, i don't know what the problem is, tried fuel pump, filter, cleaning afm, checking o2 sensor wiring and tried chanigng to intake pipe to metal just incase it was sucking itself in but still the problem is there...... I'm hoping that these problems are related and its some awesome answer someone knows haha Thanks in advance
  6. option 1 bride style seats (ADR APPROVED0

    sir lockington speaks the truth the rails are higher than stock

    man this forum sucks now haha there is too many aparently and not enough actually
  8. Shootings & General Crime in NSW!

    its probably drugs, and drugs are baaad mmmkay
  9. how to complete my S15

    insane idea: do what you want!! and get rid of the wing haha
  10. Status updates

    f**k it i'm over it, f**k him! thats right you know who you are (and other things that get posted to go fishing for "are you ok's" andget replied with inbox me)
  11. Daily VZ SS or BA MK2 XR8?

    if your only going to tow 6-8 times a year i dont uderstand why you need a 8cyl when a turbo diesel seems to be better for you in the long run as a daily, unless you want something performance for the daily drive

    man the internet sucks..................
  13. Thinkin Of moving to SYD

    touche mr stig mick
  14. LA

    yeah we rented form thrifty here when we first got here for a shitty chevy malibu (new one dont get excieted) and the price we quoted form aus was about 1/3 of the of final after small print.... check out rent a wreck lol it;s heaps fun
  15. Shit talkers' thread

    oh i know about the products im selling but when someone asks you to come outside to check out something on there car its a different story, the way its set up at work is that if we're not sure we can ring the manufacturer eg. will it fit a 2011 model if it says 2010 etc...