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  1. Old school tv shows

    So i've started downloading some of the oldies.. ie. Round the twist Goosebumps Pingu i know there's this other one i used to watch as a little tacker but cant remember the name.. All the characters used to be in a bedroom almost like toy story and i reckon there used to be a car character aswell if anyone could remember it that would be great haha
  2. USA Trip

    Some great information here guys cheers.. i'm heading off later this year and has helped me alot.. the only thing i'm stuck with is spending money.. i have no idea how much to budget for, wanting to do some touristy things, go hard in vegas etc etc and will be there for 5 weeks.. just finding it hard to work out some sort of figure if anyone thats been could pm me with some advice about money and where's expensive and what not that would be great
  3. Ctrl + V Thread

  4. luxury watches

    I can get A grade Rolex replica's if anyone interested PM me on here for more details!
  5. Travel forum

    i think it would be a good idea. we have sub areas for every other topic under the sun, one more wont make a difference. As someone said earlier, it is hard to look back and find travel related discussion because its spread into many threads. I think if the section was generated it would promote more discussion on travel.
  6. teen sends 14,528 text in one month

    Yeah i whipped out 1738 sms last month. Gotta remember a good portion of them are the 3-4 page ones tho. I'm on that timeless shit so it works out well.
  7. Muay Thai clubs

    No more replies are required. Sunrise FTW
  8. Nice and Random

    lol i always thought it was just an error stuck in the database or something didnt know it was actually a business. Its been in there for a couple years now. Still in there today
  9. Merry christmas take it easy on the roads
  10. My Drunken Taxi Adventure

    that if farking excellent. stupid (insert racist slur here) How dumb was he.
  11. Computer repairs

    Thanks guys appreciate it
  12. Anyone do some computer repairs on the side? PC shit itself and i don't fancy paying squillions for a known business to look at it. let me know asap Thanks Josh

    Guess i must be in that 1% I'm a full time uni student. Go to uni 3 days a week, for 3 hours each time. Dont work, dont stinge of the olds, do a little bit of ebay selling and that gets my by quite comfortably. No loans, no interest free, and i'm running a car, and going out 2-3 nights a week.