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  1. heading to queenstown

    I got back about 6 weeks ago, 8 day trip. MY GOD it was good. Funny thing is there wasn't a single kiwi in sight. Everyone is Australian or a Kiwi. Coronet, easy to drive to and it is AWESOME fun. I worked up the guts to skii down the hard route, the top one after three days there. I so want to get back there. By the way if you've never been to the snow, if you're doing hard out skiing/snow boarding you only need Tshirt, shorts and a snow jacket and pants. You get VERY VERY hot there. First day I was wearing a singlet, long sleeve shirt, jumper AND a snow jacket. I almost died of heat. Oh you will need a scarf and gloves lol, durrr.
  2. fking bastard Now I have a stalker!~ So what are you doing later? Oh wait, Dont worry I already know. And let it be known I dont infact have facebook and this was using other means. ...how? He's won the internet before, he can do anything. DUH!
  3. That's scary as hell...I just set all my facebook settings to private lol
  4. She's not in the photo thank christ.
  5. fking bastard Now I have a stalker!~
  6. Bahahaha! that's awesome. However, I've decided I'll just go sort it out myself. No need to bombard the guy anymore. Thanks for your help so far
  7. No...not yet... have you actually got one?
  8. LOL! Does that shit actually work? Looks like such a shifty site haha. There's a huge difference between chatting someone up and hitting on someone who has a partner and has known this for years. There's a massive difference. I might just go uppercut him and be done with it.
  9. I can't, it's on her phone and she's not here.
  10. Is that chicks name at least abbie? I'll give you all that much..