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  1. Hi guys, just fitting a Kando dynamics turbo (t518z copy) to my SR, question : Do i need to run an oil restrictor in my feed line? (braided, dash -3) and do i slip that in at the turbo end or the block end? cheers Nathan
  2. POWERCRUISE 2012-In? Out?

    Haha what Gossy said^ Yea Mandi, more peeps, the more shenanigans
  3. POWERCRUISE 2012-In? Out?

    mmmm dont think so Mandi! could be wrong tho
  4. POWERCRUISE 2012-In? Out?

    Hey guys, got the 2012 promotional gear in the mail today, whos going?! Was pretty fun kicking back with the drift crew in our own little section, headed up by Wedd Snr's Winner-bago! lol not sure what im doing yet! Post away!
  5. EOI - December practice day! Roll Call

    i will be away sorry!
  6. Keeeen!! HTS TRAIN-- ---GOSS-TAYLOR.F-PAGEY!!
  7. spg

    as title says.... i need something from them! anyone know how i can get it?! cheers Nathan
  8. The Disco Fire Cruise

    2nd, Because rocks do so much damage and you could easily point out the damage on any cars that may have been hit because they had such mint paint. the blue subaru had the mintest paint there and was the first car hit by rocks... its a respect thing more than if damage did or didnt happen...
  9. Tassie Tuning Shops

    Hahaha skins tuning tips.... the leader in automtive tuning
  10. White Hot Motor Sport

    well said ^^

    yea man, you smashed it in Tas on Sat, loved your work!
  12. Tassie Tuning Shops

    Gt garage ftw
  13. for those wanting to SELL BODYKITS....

    Ideal Thanks Mandi!
  14. Love this thing!!! just wondering what sideskirts your running?!
  15. for those wanting to SELL BODYKITS....

    Hi Mandi! what style was your 180 stuff?!