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  1. Brain teaser...

    what would we do with out google!
  2. is it too late to join the comp? if not how do I join? I dont see any option to join a comp
  3. as stupid as i think this idea is, you might just have spoiled any chance of being the first to do this by posting what you want to do\achieve on a public forum.. good luck.
  4. CB, hand helds, antennas ect

    just got a GME TX6100 handheld.. 1\5watt.. good battery life on 5watts and good range.. up to 12km, not sure if many others can do this but its capable of listening\talking over two channels at the same time. good size unit, fits perfectly in your hand.. also is replacable with any UHF higher gain antenna only bad thing is it doesnt come with a car charger.. only desktop charger.
  5. Drift -Shirts

    Im in for another one, so make that 4 orders so far.. also no aussie flag for me either. thanks
  6. The Youtube Thread

    keep posting it.. its good stuff
  7. The Youtube Thread

    god dammit leeeeroy! haha
  8. *** pics of the day ***

    this guy deserves a medal haha