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  1. Motorcycle Startup Costs

    Had a quick look and it doesn't look like this has been done before. Thought it would be a good idea to have the basic startup costs all in one thread. This is what I can think of: Learners: $325. License: $25 for 6 months or $40 for 2 years. Keep your learners minimum 6 months then apply for R-Date. R-Date: $341. License: $19. Once you have these you must remain on LAMS approved before upgrading to any bike you want. These are just prices I have found in my limited research: Helmet: $350 + Jacket: $250 + Kevlar Jeans: $100 + Gloves: $50 + Laceless Riding Shoes: $100 + Bike: $4000 (this is for a Ninja 250) Insurance: $500 (based on Ninja 250 and zero experience) 3 months Rego: $90-$100 for 250cc. Can anybody think of anything I have missed?
  2. Stupified Training

    Weighing 121kg in the vids but have since dropped 6kg in the last 5 weeks. Going to push for 110 for ProRaw2 Christian!
  3. Stupified Training

    145kg 5x5 with wraps http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Plw6cSt3ksU&feature=player_embedded
  4. Stupified Training

  5. Post your Gym vids

    Yeah i totally agree. Its just a matter of "i wanna be strong now not later". Haha yeah that is the cave. Are you in Adelaide Jay? If you are, Fuzzy is holding a little get together comp if you are interested. More of a get to know people than a hardcore comp. Would be good to meet you big fella.
  6. Post your Gym vids

    I have a really strong lower back but my upper back is weak. Been working on this hard lately as I'm starting to lift decent weight now. Hopefully I can straighten it out once my upper back is stronger. Why wouldn't you drop the weight till you can deadlift it with perfect form and work back up from there. You are asking for injury IMO. If you can deadlift your 1RM with perfect form then you arent trying hard enough. As far as i know its some mobility issues i need to work on and I have very poor flexibility. Once i have worked this out, as well as dropping some more body weight, i believe it will be fine. New Video from Monday night: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c7LCldR8izI&feature=player_embedded Previous pb was 166kg. I laugh at the end because i didnt know what i was squatting. Training partner loaded up the bar and told me to squat it
  7. Post your Gym vids

    I have a really strong lower back but my upper back is weak. Been working on this hard lately as I'm starting to lift decent weight now. Hopefully I can straighten it out once my upper back is stronger.
  8. Post your Gym vids

    Wish i could curl that much.. My latest Deadlift 1rm attempt. Reckon i have 240 in me currently and hoping to hit 250 in October. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kbervrlZ7dQ&feature=player_embedded
  9. Kettlebells.

    Kettlebells are one of the most overlooked training tools out there. UDL's off blocks with a 64kg KB for max reps will leave you throwing up - they are brilliant. Single/2 handed swings is also something that will leave you hurting for days - they are also briliant. The amount of different complexes and circuits you can do with kettlebells is endless, they are great for cardio that will burn fat and add muscle. Smash them 3-4 times per week. An example would be: 8kg Thrusters x 20 32kg Golblet Squats x 15 32kg 2handed Swings x 15 32kg Cannonballs x 15 (each arm) 64kg UDLs off Blocks x Max reps I assure you that if you where to do this, you would be absolutely fkd afterwards. You could set it up so that you time yourself and each time you do it, try to beat your time. When it starts getting easy you can increase the weights used or cycle through it twice. Endless amounts of fun to be had with Kettlebells!
  10. Softies SA Fishing Thread

    f**k em. they may own the pontoon but they don't own the water it's floating on. Exactly what i was thinking!
  11. Softies SA Fishing Thread

    Thats an awesome setup Softy! Did you buy it brand new or second hand and do you mind if i ask how much you paid / how much i would be looking at paying for a similar setup? Heaps keen to have a paddle at westlakes and chase some Bream lol. Wouldnt mind going over to the pontoons out the from of some of the houses along there. I reckon there would be some Bream around them...
  12. Work on your from and strength to begin with. Once you start progressing and reach novice strength standard eg 140 squat, 100 bench and 200 dead then i would look at using a belt. Buy a belt and learn how to use it properly, it will add kilos to your squat and dead when used correctly. Usually people that are "anti-belt" have never used one before. I was one of these people. Now that i have a belt i would never lift heavy without one. At the end of the day there is really no reason why someone shouldnt wear a belt, except for the typical "im more of a man because i lift without a belt" simple minded people.
  13. Stupified Training

    Haha thanks Truck. Its a big difference to what i was lifting when i first started out rofl. Keep at it bud and train hard and before you know it you will be lifting some big impressive numbers!