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  1. Can't wait to see this finished! Any more pics?
  2. My S14, killin' it Currently featured on Hellaflush:
  3. No, hand flared metal guards front and rear. It's not garden edging either.
  4. A little bit, but well worth it. Really happy how they turned out. Thanks for the great deal!
  5. Yeah bro! Sure is! What do you think?
  6. That pic was taken by Rory from downshift when I was at Powercruise 25 a couple weeks ago. My car usually sits an inch lower like this: (bit hard to see with shitty iphone pic)
  7. Green S14 is mine. Sorry, not telling what lip it is!
  8. A Spec Blast Pipes

    Im interested, let me know what price they give u
  9. S14 JDM S2 Rear Pods

    Apparently they are a sought after part in Japan too so dont expect them to be a whole lot cheaper after freight. U can get FRP ones which are more reasonably priced.
  10. s14 hi spec sideskirt

    Nah man they will be pretty much the same length. The end cap doesn't add any length to the side skirt. Are u making some caps up yourself or something? They will look shit without something on the ends..
  11. S14 with 13B

    Im a fan of it. It was one of the options I considered doing to my S14 before i built my SR
  12. Mad Mike's Fursty RX7 FD3S Rebuilt!

    I love this thing even more now!! Fark me that's tough!
  13. I new to the site, but here my s14.5 2jz build UK

    Nice work mate! Love the colour choice, not many people here would choose that colour but it works well imo. How's the handling compared to when the SR was fitted? (if you drove it when it was SR). Did u have to alter your driving style once the big 6 was in?
  14. Does drifting shatter you car?

    If you start out with a nice clean kitted car, get used to people (who dont have a clue) whinging everytime you do a bit more damage to it: "oh it used to look so hot, now you're just wrecking it" I reply; "I dont give a f**k, Im having fun and enjoying my car. Plus I was bored with that kit anyway..."
  15. archerfield

    I've been drifting at QR for about 5 months now. Been considering going down to archy as well cos its close to home. Would also like to practice some of the more technical / tight stuff. Do you think it would be an easy transition going from QR to archy? Or would it have been better to learn that first before heading out to the wider, more open willowbank corners?