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  1. bought a american xbox360 game?

    No some games are not region free, mostly just the EA games, so if u have a PAL system, u have to have a PAL copy of an EA game, if its NTSC like EA Hockey or NBA, it wont work on our aussie sytems.
  2. S13.4

    ID go an S14a front on a 180 and get Vu to do it!!
  3. best thing to remove tar?

    Take fotos of the road and of your car at its most filthiest!! Mate of mine drove over a blind ditch, busted up one of his rims luckily he had a digi on him. Took pix of both ditch & rim. Went to Vicroads and they payed to fix it for him. Lucky he took a pic there n then cos the next day as he was going to VicRoads he said he saw them filling it up! Who ever is to blame, make sure u have evidence of this occuring! All the best!
  4. Real Detailers in SE

    Im with eron, will be taking my car to em hopefully soon for a cut n polish n total spiff up.
  5. Just wait for the US DVD release IMO(id rather d/l a movie just once ), itll be out in no time and usually coincides with the Aussie Theatre release or soon after. Awesome, this should be great!!! Just watched Van Wilder 2 the other day, didnt think it was gonna be that good, but really enjoyed it. Kal Penn & John Cho are great actors IMO!!
  6. all time great movies.

    Ahhh, niiice selection! Think im gonna have to dig some of these classics outta me DVD boxes!! Some ive totally forgotten about, so ill also be d/l'ing quite a bit this month Surprised so many of you have seen Blood In Blood Out. And cant believe anyone on here would also be a fan of Terrence Hill & Bud Spencer!! Watch Out Were Mad was my favourite. Dunno if these have been said: House Party 1-3 (Bernie Mac FTW!!!) Class Act Dazed & Confused CB4 Fear Of A Black Hat Sorority Boys The Goonies Van Wilder Waiting Groundhog Day American Pie 2 SuperBAD How High Son In Law Bill & Ted 1&2 See No Evil Hear No Evil SpaceBalls The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (The very 1st one from years ago) I know theres plenty more but, I too cant see the rest of my DVD collection here IMO the 80's(& some early 90s stuff) had the best movies.
  7. Huge NS Cruise in May

    Hopefully be in, if I have a car handy Wouldnt mind putting some faces to names.

    Agreed!! Still a great time, and a nice dose for friendly competition between a few workshops, should be an interesting 6-12 months. Like in HPI? If it were to be eligible, it would need to run street tyres, do u know if they did? If so great effort!! U guys rat on VL's but its still a great effort, whats the quickest GTR with the same 26/30 engine combo ran here in Aus? Bet its still slower than most of the VL brigade! Plus GTR's have AWD, dont get me wrong id take a GTR over a VL anyday, but gotta give credit were credit is due!!
  9. Custom Boot Installs?

    I argee, i've got to work out how to get 2 12" subs into the boot of my R32 4 door... Any suggestions?? In the floor/wheel well, if magnets are too big build a lil rooftop shape to point the subs outward.
  10. my r33 buildup thread

    Looking good, gonna follow this buildup!!
  11. Heres my barge, shes 4 sale 2!!!
  12. HAHAHA same, p!ssa comments guys!!
  13. CORPORAL joins forces with SENWILL CIVIL

    Cars the t!ts!! Good luck this year!!!
  14. I say the lights not working would be the main DCC units fault, as long as u know u got 100% working parts, id say ud be fine. But if the lights dont work its no problems as ill just get my ol man to rig me up some blue LED's like what i did with my R33 DCC. Nissan can chew me if they think im gonna pay $22 for each globe!!
  15. Looking good guys!!! U guys gotta get some group pics done when ya cars are all shmick again!! PS: Has ya bro sorted out the 2835 on the 32?? Interested in seeing what power he gets!