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  1. whats your favourite series?

    In no real order: True Blood Heroes Stargate SG-1 Futurama Southpark Family Guy Black Books Dexter Life - was only two seasons but still good Sarah conor chronicles Entourage Stargate universe - undecided but dont mind it so far
  2. Well from what the tuner was saying it should be a pretty straight forward affair . I did try running them without the blue box as is to see what would happen but got nothing at all that time. Might have to talk to him again for some ideas about the E8.
  3. Update - After testing all the looms and connections i could have disturbed i have swapped back to my old coil packs ( patched one up). Car runs like a dream! so there is an issue with either the splitfires or with my car and the splitfires but either way they appear to be the issue. Has anyone had any issues with the blue "box" that comes with the ones for s13? or perhaps its a coil pack itself. I had a chat with my tuner about the problem and he said it shouldn't be dwell timing related either .
  4. Cheers for that , I bought these to replaces cracked stock ones , hopefully my tuner can offer a solution ! Might not have worked out cheaper than new stock ones
  5. Its funny you mention that mechanic friend also mentioned it may be to do with dwell timings, thanks for that i might try my old ones again as a test then talk to my tuner. I was going to him anyway so that might be good timing. So did you run the splitfires in the end or retain the factory ones?
  6. I have disconnected and reconnected all the places i disturbed they appear to be ok.
  7. Well i did initially think that too , but my old plugs where already closed down i left my new ones standard thinking that would be ok with "better" coilpacks. Is there a way to test them ? these are brand spanking new , and behave fine under light loads i can use the whole rev range at light to no boost.
  8. ok so i installed a new set of splitfire coil packs into my 180sx + a new set of plugs. I thought they would be a cheaper alternative to replacing my buggered factory ones. First drive up the road once the car gets under load about 4000rpm and only reaches 1 bar boost the car starts breaking down and wont rev any further. I thought perhaps i had damaged a plug so i put my old ones back in and had the same problem! 2nd thing i thought perhaps the ignition box that comes with the splitfires wasn't earthed properly but it seems to be. Any suggestions on what the problem might be? I did also do a service, water pump , changed a vacume line to my boost controller but I don't think they would cause this issue. Does anything have to be changed in my ecu? (haltech e8 ) Cheers Ben
  9. TasCommodores Drag Day

    Should be down for this , plenty of time to fix a few minor things up.
  10. The good old clutch debate

    +1 for the Jim Berry option , very happy with mine . Heaps of clamp pressure and still super easy to drive.
  11. Who here likes Doco's?

    I quite liked the 7 industrial wonders of the world series, got a few of the above mentioned ones as well easy too get hooked into them .
  12. Aquarium Chat Thread

    I got a little freshwater setup (only new to it ) , got a few barbs of some sort , 6 neon tetras , 3 angel fish, 1 shark , and some catfish looking things hahaha.
  13. Ghost Dog Way of the Samurai

    Yeah i remember seeing this on tv one night , pretty good movie i thought.
  14. CRASH

    Watched this one a while back , top movie.
  15. Project Natal Xbox 360

    Looks pretty cool , would be nice to see something like that soon to spice the 360 up a bit i rekon its a while off yet.