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  1. world record skydive

    it's 30min behind if people want to see the lift off moment eh its live for me
  2. world record skydive

    its being televised on 7mate if anyone wants to watch it
  3. hey guys travelling to Europe in about 3 weeks and just after some advice... i own the Canon 600D twin lens kit (18-55is/55-250is lenses). just wondering if theres any particular lenses i should look into buying, obviously doing mainly landscapes and main attractions... also what settings i should be using... very new to this so maybe should just use full auto LOL cheers for any help Kyle
  4. The YouTube Thread Vol:Tres

    holy crap! stingray is boss!
  5. How many eggs do you eat?

    better to take them raw or doesnt matter?
  6. Diet/Workout advice

    can just a off the shelf protein shake be used instead of protein in water?? also should the eggs for breakfast just be taken unprepared?
  7. Workshop Reccomendation

    i guess im sort of looking for someone who has already done one of these conversions or specializes in smallER motors if anyone knows. ive spoken to chasers (cant remember which ones maybe eastside) and they didnt seem to confident and i dont want to spends hundreds of dollars in labour on a place to umm and aah about things.
  8. gday guys sold my skyline and now playing around with K11 Micras (LOL yes but saving for house/wedding/eurotrip etc). Ive sourced an HKS turbo kit for it and want to get it fitted. Can anyone recommend the best place to take it? its only 1.3L so i want to go somewhere where the guys have experience playing with small motors and what not and arent going to blow the thing up. Any help/stories/recommendations appreciated, Cheers Kyle
  9. Do you budget?

    this x11tybillion
  10. Epic car fail thread

    but its left hand drive?
  11. Diet advice

    blast from the past just got a quick q what other meats can i substitute for the chicken to change it up a bit? i love chicken but couldnt eat it like that every day..
  12. Novelty Coffee Mugs

    what have you done! that website is freakin amazing!