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  1. rb26 clutch plates!

    rhd japan have alot of the rebuild kits
  2. SpotMan's Clown Car & Jzx90 daily

    now put a proper rwd rb20 in it
  3. Froggz S15 Jap Import.

    lenso coping 57xtreme's now wtf
  4. Glynnsides rb24 180sx - Back to church duties

    only one way to get better glad to see your helping with it
  5. Glynnsides rb24 180sx - Back to church duties

    dropped it off? as in your getting some else to swap the engine in for you if so weak
  6. 180sx BIG Problems..

    start with fuel first i.e fuel lines round the wrong way at the tank after pump install no idea why your oil pressure would "shoot" up though just unplug o2 sensor see if it idles longer even if rough
  7. SpotMan's Clown Car & Jzx90 daily

    hmm rotate front comp cover would make piping easier/shorter?
  8. 2001 Toyota Mark Ii - $22,000

    Make : TOYOTA MARK II Transmission : Manual Kilometres : 78000 Price : $22,000 Condition : Used BUMP

    fukn joke I donated and got map even though I wasn't planning and didn't go on the cruise time to call out your mates that complained
  10. I may have to get a ps4 or high end pc for this
  11. SA Buy/Swap/Sell Thread

    got some man bro with them blue bushes "what you want him pay?"
  12. Nissan Silvia S15 RB26.... Version 2

    Koyo is always the answer
  13. Make : TOYOTA MARK II Transmission : Manual Kilometres : 78000 Price : $22,000 Condition : Used looking at selling my 2001 toyota markII rare aero edition full factory lip kit was stock auto unthrashed when I got it now converted to manual Low km's jzx100 remote style r154 used brand new jzx110 clutch pedal and master used etc has hpi dump and front pipe ISC coilovers near new CST 18x9.5 +23 allround with new tyres TRD mech lsd with factory 3.9 auto ratio this is the only manual in SA for sale at the moment its also the grande/irv so has the nice grey interior not the junk cream GTB grade car interior colour link to more photo's http://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/adelaide-cb...x110/1033340294
  14. I think the missions have reset or something to keep getting low level $ rp point missions offered which I've already done