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  1. The YouTube Thread Vol:Tres

    For all the car modifiers out there http://youtu.be/aD7vigPOWPM
  2. Reputable Suspension Brands..

    On a budget but want something good: TEIN MONOFLEX HKS Hyper Max III Silk Roads Want something better: Bilstein Eibach Ohlins
  3. MMA best knock outs

    [media] [/media
  4. MMA chat

    Anyone who wants to watch the fight or watch them again check out fightnext.com
  5. Whoever has tuned has just made it really rich to keep things safe. Probably that is also why your power is down a bit. I would have thought with those mods you'd see 250kw+ but it might be the dyno. The cat will have no effect. So it is either the tune, or faulty electronics. Either way it isn't exactly bad for your car its not something you have to worry about too much and it looks really cool. But you might just want to take it back to your tuner ask him why it is happening if you got it done such a short time ago.
  6. well you are running rich. What kind of mods you got? It is tuned? My S15 before I got the ECU tuned with just basic mods and a gutted cat would shoot mad flames out the back. It still shoots flames from time to time but not as much as before it was tuned. You running a Atmospheric bov with a AFM? But yeah it is most likely a stuffed AFM or O2 sensor
  7. No I'm saying if you are going to modify you car make it better than how it came off the factory floor not worse. Otherwise why don't spend large amounts of money on performance mods. Fitment and looks can be functional but when it is over the top where you have to run a bad wheel alignment and when you have to stretch your tyres so far that they can't operate how they are supposed to is where I begin to question just what exactly are you doing? And if looks are more important why buy expensive coil overs? why not just buy springs? I mean lets face it isn't as though you are ever going to adjust them anyway, you've already said lap times aren't important. Why spend all this money on engine mods when all your car is going to do is spin tyres on the street and act like a fish out of water? Anyway I do actually like the look, I just don't understand why people would do it and be proud of it. It is like Dinner plate chrome wheels. But each to their own I guess it is what makes the scene diverse. But just don't think you are making a better car.
  8. True but they didn't have the price tag of those two either. I was reffering to cars of a similar price. But they are still comparable to a S2000 and Rx7. They are no Falcadore or 4x4 they are exciting and dynamic cars to drive, even in stock form. Shit the S15 won Motor performance car of the year.
  9. LOL that still doesn't negate the fact that Silvias are (were) a dynamic handling car from factory. So why spend money ruining that? Ps. Gurglar I just saw your car in the member section it looks really nice. I'm loving the look, but for me the handling compromise doens't make sense neither does spending all that money on the Coil overs and support suspension mods only to ruin the handling with such 'good' looking wheels. You could have gotten the same look with some king springs on stock shocks. And don't think that all that extra stuff will improve it anyway because at the limit it won't not unless you tyres (the single most important handling mod) are set up properly.
  10. huh? A S15 weight is about 1280kg a Commodore (VE) is close to 2 tonnes. The weight front to back is close but not exactly 50/50. I'm not sure about a commodore but it is probably over 60/40. front to rear. I could be wrong but a S15 is far more balanced than a commodore.
  11. and yet here you are, worrying about how someone else looks and how someone else's car drives how cool is that? Because like all car enthusiasts I love cars and I don't overly rejoice in seeing a car (S15) and owner pay money to do something to their car only to have a worse car at the end of it. Why so few people have said 'Get rid of the wheels' is beyond me yet everyone is saying 'dial in more camber' and essentially make the car drive worse than what it did before he put the wheels on. Yay what a great modification I've made the car worse so I can 'Park Hard' But each to their own I guess. Personally I think the wide wheels and stretched tyres looks mad. But when you have to ruin the way your can handles in order to get a 'look' then I think it is crossing a line of foolishness
  12. Niskid how am I so wrong? Usually a car looks good if it is low, with tinted windows and big wheels all of which remove some level of comfort. Bigger wheels and lower (stiffer) suspension make the car uncomfortable. Tinted windows make the car more difficult to see out of. Often making the interior look better with custom dashes or gauges will result in losing air conditioning vents etc. Yes my opinion is subjective but from my perspective usually the better looking and higher performance a car is the more uncomfortable a car is unless you are buying exotic. RAT RODS and hot rods are built from scratch to look and sound good. They aren't fast and I don't care what any says they aren't fast. A silvia is a well balanced sports car with a 50/50 weight distribution and low weight it is one of the world truly fun but confidence inspiring cars. It is a good sport platfrom go buy a Civic or Lancer if performance isn't an issue. Maybe we both have different views on modifying a car. To me the whole point of modifying a car is to IMPROVE on what the factory did, then with the cosmetics make the car unique. It isn't about lap times either or beating falcadores. It is about IMPROVING the car in every way not just in looks. I mean why buy coil overs (when you could by cheap springs), sway bars, knuckles etc. then f**k it all up with a shit wheel alignment because how your car looked was more important. Save your money, chop the springs and buy your stupid wheels as clearly improving the handling of your car is secondary. What is is about is being able to corner hard and faster than before. Being able to accelerate with 300kw in the rain (or dry) with confidence knowing your car isn't going to fish tail or want to put you into the gutter. It is about knowing that when you need to your car will stop it will. It is about knowing your car is BETTER in every way than when you bought it. I am speaking from experience when I bought my S15 I bought if off a middle eastern dude who had the car dumped (about 60mm off the ground) on mish mashed coil overs on 19" wheels with 3+ degrees of camber. Since then I've put proper coil overs on it, all the handling mods, good tyres and a proper wheel alignment (even though I have nice dished GTCs) and the difference is like light and day. I mean can you guys even accelerate out of a corner in the wet? I know with my 'uleh' set up I found it really difficult. Well it isn't supposed to be that way. Gurglar YES you will notice a difference between proper rubber with a proper wheel alignment compared to a stretched 3+ degree camber set up. It will be like night and day and your tyres will last so much longer (well maybe if you don't use all that new found grip with hard driving). Niskid I don't insist on any view of what looks good, in fact to me looks is secondary. I just think the exotic cars I mentioned and Silvias look good already. But to me Function will always take a second seat to Form. However I would never neglect Form a big appeal to me is how it looks but the way it drives will always be the most important. I'm not sure if I get the point about the people with inferior car who drive them more? They still have an inferior car. So what if they drive it everyday? I could drive my car everyday but I don't want to put the wear and tear on my car that is involved with that 40 minute commute to work everyday not to mention the having the chance of some douche bag rear ending me. But yeah I will take it for a spin after work and on the week ends. But going to the shops and work I leave that to the company car. it can use up its $70 brake pads instead of the $400 ones, it can use up it $100 tyres instead of the $350 ones etc. But hey its not my S15 Stick 12" wide wheels under it for all I care. But you could have saved so much money and just bought a Civic to park hard. Because we all know you won't be driving fast.
  13. There is nothing wrong with a good looking car. But in order for a car to look good it doesn't need to sacrifice performance. Comfort yes maybe a good looking car has to sacrifice a bit of comfort but there is no need to sacrifice performance and safety. Ferrari's look awesome, Porches look awesome, Lamborghinis look awesome. Shit Silvias look good that why I bought a S15. And it isn't because they are super expensive that makes them look awesome it is because Function is the most important part. But if you want a good looking car so much buy a freaking Mercedes or a Calais you bought a Silvia it is a sports car it is supposed to dynamic, exciting and fast. Why spend money making the car unpredictable, lose and have horrible wear and tear just so you can PARK hard. I can park hard in a Astra or Barina why would I ruin a Silvia to accomplish that. For the record my car IMO and everyone who see's it looks really nice. I always get compliments. It is low but not so low I can't get up drive ways. The wheels are wide and fill the guards but not so wide that I have to sacrifice tyre wear, exit corner speed and straight line acceleration with 3+ degrees of camber. When I modify my car, I improve on it from what the factory did not make it worse. As for do I drive my car like a sports car. You bet I do I've owned it since 2005 and every single day I take it out a beat on it. I take for mountain runs, high speed runs on the highway hell I've even been known to partake in the odd street race (in the right conditions of course). I mean why spend thousands on expensive adjustable coil overs, sway bars, knuckles, bushes, brakes then deliberately go out and negate all that improvement with wheels that are too wide and tyres that are so stretched they can't function properly. It doesn't make any sense to me at all. Or lets spend thousands on intercoolers, ECUs, Injectors and Turbos to make the car go fast in a straight line but because of our shitty wheel and tyre combination the car just sits there turning tyres with less traction than a 8L Dodge Viper. Its just not smart engineering? And for what? So we can fit in? Pffft no thanks I'll take the smile on my face everyday I drive me car over a compliment from some flat brimmed fitment nut. Personally though Niskid I think Australian build the nicest and the best Silvias in the world.
  14. Yay lets spend copious amount of money making our sports car handle worse, have worse wear and tear and basically just wreck it in general so when some nameless person takes a photo of it at a car meet they will post it on the internet. However I will most likely get defected on the way out of this car meet due to my retarded modifications. I find it Ironic that you would spend money on intercoolers, larger turbos, rock hard coil overs all in the quest to make the car go faster then fit wheels and tyres then be forced to set them up so the car actually does a slower 0-100kmh/1/4mile and overall is slower in the twistys. All in the quest to make the car look good?? What the f**k has the car scene come to are we all a bunch of women worrying about how we look all of a sudden rather than the dynamics of what it is like to drive?? And don't pretend fitting over sized wheels, with overly stretched tyres and a shit load of negative camber isn't going to slow the car down. Because it will. Considerably.
  15. The YouTube Thread Vol:Tres

  16. The YouTube Thread Vol:Tres

    That Koenigsegg vid as mad. Seriously some smart people there.
  17. http://www.news.com.au/top-stories/new-first-strike-law-to-seize-hoons-cars/story-e6frfkp9-1226579478028 HOLY SHIT!!!! Sucks to be in WA.
  18. Basic upgrades for n15 pulsar help please

    The only mods I would do is a nice stereo with Blu Tooth hands free so you can legally talk on the phone while you drive. The car isn't a performance car, hell it isn't even a sports car. It is a everyday daily driver. It will never be fast and you are only wasting your money trying to make it so. If you want to go fast, sell it and buy something with a turbo. If your on your P's then just wait until your on your opens.
  19. The YouTube Thread Vol:Tres

    Must watch guys. Deny Deny Deny always Deny. This is kind of sad, but OH So Funny. f**k The Police.
  20. Fast and Furious 6 release

    Im pretty ashamed but that does look pretty freaking awesome.
  21. The YouTube Thread Vol:Tres

    ^^^ Am I missing something? But since when was Link a chick?