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  1. I don't think I will ever sell my S15. I'm 29 myself I've owened it since I was 22. I bought it for 32 grand with 30 000km on the clock and a few mods. So far I've spent about 30 again modifying and fixing it. I'd be lucky to get 20-25k for it now even with the new engine and Volk GTCs. So personally I don't see the point. I don't need to sell it. I'm even thinking of moving overseas to Thailand and then onto Europe over the next couple of years. I will just park it at my parents house and come back to it when (if I ever) come back to Australia. Hell if I move permanently to Europe I might ship the car over. I looked into doing that for Thailand but the taxes alone were going to be upwards for 40 grand. However as far as something like a 180 or S13 goes I think 30 might be a little too old for it. Upgrade to a newer version like a S15 something that you don't see most P platers driving.
  2. The YouTube Thread Vol:Tres

    So which was the best?
  3. MMA chat

    Finally a game show I might actually watch
  4. The YouTube Thread Vol:Tres

    Finally a game show I might actually watch
  5. So in case you didn't know Subaru are moving the WRX away from the Impreza platform. In fact they are axing the Impreza altogether. So here are some concept photos of the new Subaru WRX. It is remembered to have around 300hp and possibly even an electric turbo. http://www.speedhunt...of-the-new-wrx/ http://youtu.be/AjUpcjQiRdM
  6. largest tyres to fit s15

    Keep in mind 265's are the widest you can legally go.
  7. Is This The New Subaru WRX?

    More photos here: http://www.themotorreport.com.au/gallery/5114/2015-subaru-wrx-concept-leaked/72184/2014subaruwrxconcept01?from=56228 Shown here in traditional 'world rally blue', the concept previews what will be a coupe-like sports companion to the Impreza range, and a powerful big bother to the BRZ coupe. Debuting as a wholly new model, the WRX concept wears a new styling language that has also been previewed with the recent Viziv SUV concept. Subaru's traditional grille design dominates the front of the concept, flanked by a sharp new headlight style and large lower intakes. A muscular bonnet sits above the new face, with the familiar deep scoop hinting at the turbocharged engine that lies beneath. Familiar flared arches make up the bulk of the concept's profile, while a tight character line runs through to Subaru's new hooked tail-light design, also seen on the Viziv concept. While the new WRX's styling is clear, the concept's mechanical package remains a secret for now. Reports suggest we'll see a turbocharged version of the FA 2.0 litre boxer engine found in the BRZ/Toyota 86 twins, adding a Subaru-specific direct injection system (unlike BRZ/86’s Toyota system). The move from the current model’s 2.5 litre displacement is being driven by fuel economy and efficiency demands. Outputs will be easily maintained at or above the current model’s 195kW/343Nm by combining the direct injection with more modern turbo technology. The gear selector pictured in this mule suggests that the new model will use a six-speed manual transmission for the first time, with the extra ratio currently exclusive to STi models. A launch date for the new model remains unconfirmed, although sometime in 2014 or early 2015 is likely.
  8. Do You Consider Holden And Ford Australian?

    Please don't think I'm saying it is American therefor a bad thing. It is about changing peoples perceptions. What Holden, Ford, Toyota and Mitsubishi do for Australia is fantastic and the few cars that are made here are designed really well for Australian roads and families. It is just about changing or at least challenging people's views that they are Australian companies and somehow reflect on Australian culture and our way of life. No they are an American company and American brands like McDonalds.
  9. The YouTube Thread Vol:Tres

  10. 2013 Formula 1 Discussion Topic

    f**k Team Orders. Vettel won because he is a Racer. The only person that was robbed was Rosberg and he robbed himself. Racing is an individual sport (a part from the pit crew) Vettel owed Webber NOTHING. Webber should have gotten on the radio and told Red Bull to turn his engine back up. Would anyone expect someone like Ayrton Senna to just coast around in 2nd place hahaha NO! Perhaps Michael Schumacher? Hell no. I respect Vettel even more for passing Webber and respect Rosberg less from not passing Hamilton. f**k team orders, So long as the boys don't crash let them sort it out. If one guy can't manage his fuel or tyres then that is his problem.
  11. I was a bit scared today when I saw these and actually considered buying them.... http://www.g-corporation.co.jp/product/s15le/index.html http://www.nengun.com/g-corporation/s15-led-emblem So what do you think?
  12. Impounded for being too low

    How the hell does one do that? are you running 20's or 22's dinner plates uleh? Get lower profile tyres. It boggles the mind that that would ever be an issue.
  13. Impounded for being too low

    another question how were the tyres too big? are they wider than 265s? Because up to 265s are legal. as far as all your suspension goes just raise it a little. My guard sits flush with the top of the tyre it is still technically illegal but not by much. 5 years running and Ive never been busted.
  14. Honestly guys wait for DayZ stand alone. I still play WarZ but basically the game is broken and it is just 100% PVP. There are more weapons now but the zombies can still hit you from 6 feet away, there is no VOIP still; so it is next to impossible to have any kind of interaction with another player that doesn't end in bloodshed. Which IMO makes the game much less enjoyable as half the fun is getting into groups and go looting, but everyone just wants to kill you and take your shit. They have released a new weight system so essentially now you can't carry sweet f**k all. Basically one primary, one secondary and a melee with a few meds and cosmetic shit. With a larger backpack you might be able to carry one extra Primary OR Secondary. But basically getting much loot now is next to impossible. And all the loot seems to be the same, there is basically only 4 or 5 decent places to go to get decent rifles and ammo and armour is almost impossible to find now. The loot also seems to be the same, it is always the same hats, always the same weapons really there isn't much to actually find I guess that is why people love PVP so much. They have also slowed the melee speed down a little which makes it difficult to kill Zd's. But by far the worst part is the amount of hacks that have now arrived. It seems like 1 in 5 or 6 are hacking which is ruining the game and the devs don't seem to give a shit. I'd say if you don't already have DayZ although it is an EPIC game I wouldn't shell out the $30 or so for Arma 2 just wait for stand alone which looks like it will be pretty outstanding. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A7Q8c8jnL3s http://youtu.be/W8xcv51C2ug
  15. Impounded for being too low

    No. Right from a cops mouth the impounds are for Major defects. Things that would require a mod plate like a engine swap (no mod plate), A massive blower out the top might cause a impound. Not sure about the cops telling you the coil overs are illegal, all macpherson struts are coil overs. Provided the car wasn't too low (which by the sounds of it it was) there is little they can bitch about. You can even get your coil overs modified so they are 100% road legal like the Fulcrum TEIN Super Streets.
  16. The YouTube Thread Vol:Tres

  17. gt wings ?

    Its pretty much both mate. They aren't legal and even if they were not many people would run them, at least on coupe's most people here go for clean, smooth lines rather than the hardcore racer look. Even the legal wings we have available most people don't run them.
  18. Tomb raider

    Yeah thats probably the guy. I shot him so many times and was convinced I had to finish him with the quick time event. I finished the story today the end is pretty epic although a little sudden END. Great game, I didn't collect everything but really I can't be f**ked going back through everything espicially since I dont think there are any people who are going to attack me. I will say the Puzzles were really stand out. Some really clever ones that make you think pretty hard.
  19. The YouTube Thread Vol:Tres

    That is some funny shit.
  20. Tomb raider

    I'm about 45% the way through now and BOY what a ride. This is certainly the best game I've played in a while. Considering the Uncharted games are my favorate franchise of all time this is right up there. The story is pretty good and the action is great. The developers have certainly stepped it up a notch from the bench mark of Nathan Drake. Only gripe is STILL the Quicktime events fighting the boss on the ship that was being dismantled took damn near 20minutes as I didn't have any idea on what buttons to press and he seemed to be able to take unlimited head shots. And also the game is pretty easy even on hard with almost no penalty for dieing you just respawn back about 15 seconds before you die so you don't really care if you make a mistake jumping or if you go all comando in a fire fight. But the game however has a frenetic pace you are never bored and the game is very exciting. I even felt bad a little when one a couple of Lara's friends died. IMO however the game will be over in about 20 hours and I think it will have little to no replay value and just like the Uncharted series I think it is better off being rented over a weekend. But if you weel obligated to pay for it you won't be disapointed it is truely a remarkable game.
  21. s15 bov, running rich

    Why get a vent or air BOV? Plum backs sound better with a POD filter, Venting ones are defectable, and the stock one will do its job perfectly on any boost level with the stock computer and turbo so why waste your money? put that $300-$400 towards something useful like sway bars or an ECU reflash.
  22. Tomb raider

    I just downloaded a RePack last night. So far I'm about an hour in. The game on PC at least is very very pretty, unfortunately that TressFX for the hair makes the game juttery and crash but other than that a pretty average PC can run it in ULTRA everything in 1080p. The controls are pretty good and everything so far is pretty damn impressive. However after playing DayZ and WarZ the difficulty of any game just doesn't seem to be all intense. The only gripe I have right now is the quicktime events aren't clear enough about what button to press (on PC) at the specific time so I'm finding I'm having to do the same quick time event multiple times just to get past. But over all this looks promising however I don't think it will be better than Uncharted.