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  1. MMA chat

    One of the most exciting fights ever
  2. United Australian Party

    not a good idea http://youtu.be/3Y3jE3B8HsE
  3. How Long Do You Set Your Turbo Timer?

    Turbo timers are a big scam pulled by the Audobarn chains and most car accessory stores. They were used way back in the day on TRACK cars for people to pull into the pits and allow the hot oil (from lap after lap after lap of hard boost) to cool down a little before the engine is turned off. Modern day turbo cars are mostly oil and water cooled, and lets face it the kind of driving you are going to do on the street is nothing compared to what turbo timers were designed to deal with. Put it this way if you aren't bouncing off the rev limiter 1-2 minutes before you turn your car off it doesn't need to be 10 seconds. I recommend you stop wasting time pretending you are doing something to preserve your motor when almost NO manufacturers including ones like McLaren and Porsche come from factory with a turbo timer. I mean did your car come from the factory with a turbo timer? And was the manufacturer still happy to give the car a 3 year 100 000km warrenty? Well you'd think they ad a built in turbo timer if you really needed one. Ive got a built motor and running around 260kw and I hardly use mine. I only have one because the car came with one, if I bought a new car I wouldn't waste my money one.
  4. Do You Consider Holden And Ford Australian?

    PMOD pretty much hit the nail on the head. However for people like YLD200 please dont think this thread is a Holden or Ford bashing thread. What both companies and Toyota and Mitsubishi do for this countries manufacturing industry should not knocked or disregarded they are very important companies for Australia. However that doesn't make them Australian any more than Toyota or Mitsubishi are. Lets put it this say how many people call (or consider) their S15s and S14s a 200sx and how many call them (consider them) and Silvia? You can call a S14 or S15 whatever you want it is still a Silvia. The same way as Holden is just rebranded GM in Australia.
  5. Moving to Queensland with my S15

    Nope as a general rule it isn't a major problem. They say you need to get it registered within two weeks, but I personally would use up all your rego from SA. As for the RWC yeah you need one to register it in QLD. Now MOST shops and places will go on safety items not illegal modifications. Most won't worry about an exhaust that is too loud or a car too low, bovs etc. They are looking at tyre tread, light bulbs, seat belts, horns, brakes and leaks etc. However when getting a RWC tell the guy prior that you are keeping the car you just need to register it QLD and the car might have some boarder line modifications. But dont tell them about mods you dont have to like ECUs, screamer pipes just stuff that might be noticeable like a really loud exhaust. That way the guy will tell you on the spot if he is the anal type or if he will let it slide - before you pay for the service. Other than that just take your car and RWC to QLD transport and it is very simple after that. I recommend calling a mobile guy or calling a small independent mechanic they are more likely to let stuff slide than a major retail chain.
  6. 2 Grams For $40

    I haven't read something as funny as this in a long time. Click here to read the responses: http://metro.co.uk/2013/04/26/got-2-grams-...witter-3668197/
  7. The YouTube Thread Vol:Tres

    Man I love the Joe Rogan Experience here is one of the most interesting Pod casts I've ever listened to for all the MMA fans with Big John McCarthy and Eddie Bravo.
  8. comparison between the two cars

    I've owned my S15 for 6 years now. In that time (apart from servicing) all I've replaced is one drive shaft, Passenger side power window motor and a gear box. The car is making 260 odd kw. I've had friends with all kinds of RX7s series 1-7 and if one this certain they are NOT reliable regardless of how often you service it. Are they cool cars? with great looks and performance? Yes but they might as well be Italian for how reliable they are.
  9. The YouTube Thread Vol:Tres

    Yeah that's right they give you nothing! nevermind the house! Huh? how do the banks give you the house? The people you are buying the house off give you the house. The bank literally creates the money to buy the house out of thin air using fractional reserve banking. That is Munky Matts point.
  10. The YouTube Thread Vol:Tres

    Holy f**k
  11. The YouTube Thread Vol:Tres

    Thought provoking http://youtu.be/ua1TG0XBt7s
  12. comparison between the two cars

    Traction and handling all depends on how you set it up. It has little to do with the actual chassis. The tyres, the suspension, bushing, areo, diff and even power delivery will all depend on how well the car will handle. There is a reason why a 350kw Time attack S15 can take corners much faster than a 350kw Drift car or street car. But can you get a 300kw S15 in any specification to spin the tyres in the rain - Yeah probably.
  13. The YouTube Thread Vol:Tres

    http://youtu.be/0QT_3A--iU4 http://youtu.be/SlQRY7CtRFU
  14. Not another 3" exhaust thread

    Varex Mufflers ARE NOT ILLEGAL. The car just has to in theory still has to meet noise and emissions regulations with the valve open (which in most cases is not the case, but the mufflers in and of themselves are not illegal.) The technology is no different than the Bi-Modal exhaust on the HSV clubsports or many other super cars. Go 3" there is no point in going 2.5" get a proper one that meets the laws for example the C.E.S 3" system sounds great offers great performance upgrade and meets noise restrictions. Other shops around like Hi-Tech Mufflers make off the shelf exhausts that sound great, are legal and offer great performance.
  15. The YouTube Thread Vol:Tres

    Haha what a champ. Look at all the Manginas jump on the bandwagon. http://youtu.be/N4ZmopI-GUQ
  16. what are you playing?

    I finished Tomb Raider the other day I still play GTA IV from time to time usually when I've had a bad day lol. As bad as it is I've been playing a bit of WarZ recently oh how I wish I had of spent the extra on Arma and gotten DayZ Honestly I'm just standing by until the DayZ stand alone comes out. I'm so pumped for that. I might play the new Bioshock to keep me entertained in the mean time.
  17. Flickfessions

    LOL Steve you watch A LOT of old movie dude. However in saying that Identity is pretty awesome. MAMA (2013) Mama is the story of two young girls abandoned in a forest cabin essentially by their father. They fostered by an unknown entity that they fondly call Mama, who some how cares and looks after them which eventually follows them to their new suburban home after their uncle retrieves them 5 years later. In the suspenseful tradition of 'The Ring' and 'The Grudge' 'Mama' is a on the edge of your seat paranormal thriller that breathes new life into the genre. Over all I really liked the film the characters are likeable while a little cliched. However the job of the two little girls in the film is absolutely outstanding. The director does a marvelous job building suspense and there are plenty of fist clenching scares that begin right from the start. To tell you the truth I have a bit of a sore back because of it. The only downside I found was the end, I won't spoil it but IMO it was disappointing and uninspired and in parts the CGI could have been a lot better. This movie however i feel should REALLY be scene in the cinemas I think much of its appeal will be lost if watched at home unless you have a really good home theater system and can watch it one night in total silence in the dark. I highly recommend you check it out. 8.5/10 http://youtu.be/GZlY47eCdas
  18. So I thought I'd start a thread on essential add-ons for your web browser to get some ideas of good web apps. Please post your own ones with a brief description and what browsers it is compatible for. Ad Block Plus - All Platforms Essentially a simply background program that blocks ALL internet ads. No more 'click in 5 seconds' on youtube or your facebook newsfeed spammed with ads. The difference between this one and a lot of other ad block programs this seems to block ALL ads on ALL sites it is not site specific. Hola Unblocker - FireFox Most likely all platforms. This app is kind of like a small VPN that stops us Aussies from being blocked by overseas sites due to our geographical location. This unlocks many popular overseas sites like Hulu.com, Netflix.com and I believe it prevents the 'This video is not available in your country' message on youtube. Video Download Helper - FireFox Most likely all platforms The essential video downloader and converter. Unlike a lot of other programs you can save your videos to MP4, Avi and a variety of other formats not just Flash. Very simple to use with minimal resources.
  19. What oil do you use?

    Before I went forged I religiously ran Motul Turbolite 4100 10w40 at 110 000km we broke the engine down to forge it and the pistons and block were in immaculate condition. And I mean next to perfect. In saying that I only ever ran 98 V-Power and I always changed the oil at 5000km. I highly recommend Turbolite its not too expensive and does a fantastic job.