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  1. The YouTube Thread Vol:Tres

    this is doing the rounds it is great
  2. I cant believe someone did it, I have wanted to make a film like that for years. I am rather joyous.
  3. The biggest focus the party should be trying to achieve is a more reasonable ADR and modification laws. To coincide with something like that found in Europe. The fact that a Ferrari Enzo can't pass ADR just shows how over nannied they are. With more reasonable laws this takes the power away from police and authorities fining and impounding cars for petty things. No one on here will argue that genuine hoons and dangerous driving, drivers and cars should be tolerated but it is when genuine enthusiasts who are law abiding people who pose no risk to anyone get caught in the cross fire is what needs to change.
  4. The YouTube Thread Vol:Tres

    If you can watch it all, this is quite a good short film on how teens spend their time on the internet with their friends. Not much of it comes as a surprise but it is interesting none the less.
  5. Holy SHIT, Yeah Ricky better get ontop of that and make some good arguments to beat that. Holy hell that is cancer.
  6. Kevin Rudd or Tony Abbott?

    Honestly IMO it doesn't get much better than the Liberal Democratic Party. You don't need the vast majority of the smaller parties that are 'Freedom' and 'Rights' orientated like the Motoring party or Sex party. http://ldp.org.au/policies - Low Taxation - Small Government - Competitive Schools - Balanced Traffic laws - Accountable Police with strict policing of the police - Legalisation of Marijuana - Gay Marrage - Cutting of Foreign aid and focusing on spending tax payers money at home - Oh did I mention low taxation - Low welfare - Allowing the free market to decide. - Anti Nanny State. And there preferences go to the Liberal Party so even if you member doesn't get in your vote then goes to the Liberal party.
  7. The YouTube Thread Vol:Tres

    My Buddy Mark Masons new real estate video, certainly out of the box marketing. At least for a house anyway. *Update - He even made the news lol http://www.news.com.au/realestate/buying/real-estate-agent-posts-controversial-ad-with-scantily-clad-women/story-fndban6l-1226710386253?fb_action_ids=224681321021159&fb_action_types=og.recommends&fb_source=other_multiline&action_object_map={%22224681321021159%22%3A158400844356904}&action_type_map={%22224681321021159%22%3A%22og.recommends%22}&action_ref_map=[] http://youtu.be/mQhUUTwbGm8
  8. 2 way vs spool

    Correct me if I'm wrong but I remember reading that Kaaz diffs are garbage. They are functional and work but they clunk, ping and make all kinds of noises. I remember reading one thread where someone said they were always telling passengers 'Its supposed to sounds like that' So in regards to 'refinedness' they fail but apparently they do work as described. if it were me I'd be overhauling the stock one or going a Nismo diff. Not sure why the hell you want to go with a 2 way you might as well just ask to be defected.
  9. Kevin Rudd or Tony Abbott?

    Yup Im voting motoring enthusiast party. Then the Liberal Democratic party because they just rock, Then probably the NLP we have to get Labour out of power, this is no way to run a country we need to gain some confidence in our government and economy there is no reason why things should be the way they are. But whatever you do vote the greens last.
  10. Stupidly priced petrol

    The price of petrol has far far less to do with the 'Australia' tax that we see with other imported goods like cars. electronics and software and way more to do with our geographic region and our own oil production : oil imports ratio. If you don't believe me take a look at the price of petrol in other Oceania countries.
  11. The YouTube Thread Vol:Tres

    It is a shame the Liberals have such a garbage NBN plan, as I really want them to win. But this pretty much sums it up.
  12. Stupidly priced petrol

    Ok I will try and shed some light on the whole thing. Oil is now at $109.7 a barrel largely due to the unrest in Syria and a possible strike by UN forces. Obviously this creates a lot of uncertainty in the region and has an effect on supply. This also explain (somewhat) why you are seeing such volatility in the price at the pump. The AUD is weakening against most international currencies not just the USD, making our buying power for imported oil/petrol weaker. Our petrol and oil however is based on the Asian region price that comes out of Singapore, so US prices for petrol are irrelevant just like EU prices are as well. A better comparison is what is the Petrol price in Singapore, HK and Japan. FYI petrol in Singapore right now is at S$2.30 which is about $1.99AUD. That prices is just simply arrived at through sheer supply and demand in the region, one significant downside to the Asia Pacific region doing so well economically is that there is a great demand on oil/petrol. If the crisis in Syria continues I would expect petrol prices to continue to rise over the next 12 months especially as the Northern Hemisphere goes into winter and many of the world largest refineries start shutting down for it.
  13. vip wheels

    Vossen Wheels: https://www.facebook.com/vossenwheels http://www.boldride....ssen-lexus-is-f ADV.1 Wheels https://www.facebook.com/ADV.1fanpage
  14. Of course it won't fit the stock bumpers they are designed to fit a wider (wide body) vertex ridge front bumper, you only need to look at a picture to realise it won't fit.
  15. what are you playing?

    Ive been playing Pay Day 2 for the best part of a month now. highly recommend it, but don't bother unless you get some mates to buy it as well. It is NOT a single player game even though it has the function. It is a massive first impressions game especially if all players are new. There is little more satisfying in life than you and 3 buddies planning and executing the perfect bank robbery. Sadly though even with the skill tree the game is not very deep there are only a small handful of campaigns and even though many of the campaigns have multiple missions/days in a few hours you and your buddies can at least attempt and experience them all. However mastering Overkill Campaigns is a task in and of its own. The 'Big Oil' Campaign I still haven't completed even though I've attempted it multiple times. However apparently like the original PayDay the devs are going to keep adding content for years to come so I would expect more free content to arrive. It is loads of fun and very challenging if you put the time into it. I love that there is no pause or save function during the missions so you either make them a success or let them fail just like in the real world. Oh and the sound is outstanding, simply outstanding. Turn the music off immediately - not because the music is poor, But hearing your rifle firing in a deserted city street is brilliant. For $30 for the PC version or $89 for 4 copies for you and your mates (on Steam) it is very good value. http://youtu.be/CR1fJGTDkAE
  16. Solar Systems

    Can anyone tell me for their state how do your feed in tarrif rebates work? Here in Queensland before the Libs got in it was set up so your house uses the solar power during the day and if it produced excess power it is fed into the grid with a feed in tarrif of 42c paid by the government and 8c paid by the power company (total of 50c per KWh). Not that has dropped to 10c paid by government so 18c per KWh. (unless you were already signed onto the 42c scheme, in that case you have that rebate until 2022) How do the rebates work in other states?
  17. The YouTube Thread Vol:Tres

    Made my day Skip to 4m39s http://youtu.be/rCA8JM2bRPk http://youtu.be/urgQKNMdTQM
  18. Solar Systems

    I've got a 3kw system on my place. I got it back when solar systems were expensive (16k for a 16 pannels and a 4kw upgradable inverter). The upside is I'm locked into a 50c per KW rebate from the QLD government until 2023 or something. I save on avereage around $350-$400 a month depending on our electricity usage. Problem is I like my warm yellow down lights and as everyone knows they are the worst offending lights you can have, and because we have 4 adults living here I have the hot water on the 24 hour tariff (I am considering the 18 hour off peak tariff). Still the bill comes in at $700-$900 a quarter (it is a large house and we are computer geeks.) Honestly the window for Queenslanders was the last few months of the Labor leadership before the Liberals got in power when systems dropped to $3k-5k and still had the 50c a KW but now it has dropped to just 10c so really apart from looking good they don't really do much. The best thing would be to have a lot of solar pannels but instead of feeding back into the grid they charged batteries that powered your house at night. So essentially get off the grid then you are safe from these bullshit power prices.
  19. finally bought an s15!

    if it were me dude I would get rid of the GTCs they are the old style from way back sometime. IMO they don't 'enchance' the look of a S15 even with powder coating. Me personally I run GTCs as well but the newer face 2 and even though I get people commenting on them when I'm out. I'm kind of over them and I'm looking toward the US for some high end premium wheels that people put on super cars. Like ADV.1 wheels and Vossen wheels. Personally I think the JDM look has run its course like the sex spec before it and the Ricer look before that of the early 2000s. IMO the car scene (world wide) is moving toward a more high end look. But that could just be me so I'll put my flame suit on. Classic wheels like TE37s will always look good, but so many people have them now I find them a bit 'meh' unless people are running a wide bodykit with really low offsets. But back on your car - get rid of the GTCs, get rid of the altezza lights. These guys sell the Yashio style lights for a reasonable price http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/99-02-NISSAN-SILVIA-S15-200SX-SMOKE-BLACK-LED-TAIL-LIGHTS-YOSHIO-STYLE-/321012594117?pt=AU_Car_Parts_Accessories&hash=item4abdd775c5 PS. Concave FTW ADV.1 Vossen
  20. The YouTube Thread Vol:Tres

  21. MMA chat

  22. Steam 2013 Sale

    Ugh I just bought Arma 2 Combined operations from EB on Thursday last week so I could play DayZ. and now it is $8 on steam. Rather annoying, I can't complain too much as it was only $19 at EB, but shit $11 saving would buy me a Big Mac Meal. But yeah, with prices that cheap there is little reason to torrent games. Especially considering you cant play multiplayer on 99% of torrented games.