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  1. very quick question about tuning s15...

    Dude, First of all if you own a S15 you already have a BOV and a pretty good one at that. It will need replacing because it leaks before replacing because it isn't flowing enough o2. So stop saying you dont have a bov. Now if you have a POD you should get a great flutter, I only run 14psi MAX and it sounds wicked and it is full plumback. So at 18psi if it leaks then get a bigger Turbosmart or GFB plumback bov and you will still hear a flutter.
  2. s15 boost issue

    hhhmm I have a E-boost 1. mine hits 10, 12 and 14 psi fine. At night all settings will spike 1psi 11, 13, 15 but they hold. take it to a tuner.
  3. Pictures of my S15 - *New to Forum*

    Looks good mate, personally id remove the eye lids they are just too much for me. But other than that is great. do u have a power figure?
  4. got my car tuned

  5. DBA Brakes any good?

    Hey buddy I dont know if you are still gonna read this or what. DO NOT get the sport series. Every machanic i spoke to about them said they were crap on anything other than a lancer or other slow moving n/a. What you need to do is not be a tight ass and fork out the DBA 4000 series. I had them on my old WRX and coupled with Endless brake pads were absolutly the ducks nuts. They are a bit more expensive than the sport series but are top of the line before you get to 2 piece rotors. All I can say is get the DBA 4000 rotors you wont be sorry mate.
  6. fuel pump...

    I believe there is a chap on here selling 255L/hr or 240kw Walbro pumps for $175. that is like half the price of a 040 pump. And should you ever push over 240kw you arent losing out on much when having to buy an even bigger pump... or you could just buy another i spose.
  7. Wrong Fuel

    To tell you the honest to god truth buddy, If you don't boost you car, or using a N/A car you would be very suprised what a car can actually run on. You can almost use anything at the pump (so long as u dont fang your car around) and in some cases if you are good enough you can make up a fuel at home out of general waste.
  8. Hopefull S15 Owner

    That is a very nice car buddy, very nice. Wish I had a S15 when I was 18... oh wait no i dont (remembers early driving history). Just look after it mate and dont try to be a hero. Remember you have to learn to crawl before you can walk and you have to learn to walk before you can run. Don't start running any races before that day. I highly recommend you take a few (not just 1) defensive driving courses, If you are with AAMI you can do it free. And some performance/drift courses they are worth their weight in gold, espically if you are driving a JDM S15. You just might learn something that your lancer driving minimum wage driving instructor didnt tell you.
  9. How many speeding fines have you had?

    Well I don't think we are so much proud, They just cost heaps of money, I spose they are like scars. U didnt intend on getting one and u dont particularly want one, but if someone asks or shows interest you will be more than happy to show It/Them.
  10. How many speeding fines have you had?

    Yep I have been one of the very unlucky (and I supose stupid)ones. I have spent more on traffic infringements than many people do on a first car. around 4.75k in 4 years including two over 40k/h over the speed limit which is an instant 6 month disqualification both times. Had only 2 parking tickets. And one for not having my P's on me. I have had to get family and friends to take speeding tickets for me other wise I doubt I would have my licence today (it is good having family from Canada and New Zealand). Anyway I don't drive like I used to, it just costs too much this day and age.
  11. aiming 200rwkw

    You might want an Apexi Power intake cold air induction. Or atleast a K&N or Blitz filter. You shouldnt need the expensive 044 bosch pump, just get the 040 bosch pump or the Walbro 250L/H pump (found quite cheap on this website). Both those pumps do around 240kw. Im not sure about you AFM also that may need upgrading. Then again you could buy the more expensive G-Jetro Apexi Power FC (Or atleast that is what I think it is called, something like that anyway, it is an upmarket PFC that doesnt require a AFM to tune)
  12. My S15

    HUH 190kw no way with all that you must be making more than 190kw I only have Trust FMIC E-Boost - 10, 12, 14psi 3" Trust Exhaust K&N POD Walbro 500hp fuel pump and at 14psi its making 185atw kw. on my S15 are you telling me if i buy all that other stuff and run 17psi i can expect a 5kw increase. Get out
  13. Spose I'll Post My S15 Too.

    Here is my new toy, and she is a beaut. Trust front mount Intercooler, 3" Trust Stainless Steel Exhaust, Blitz Pod, Turbosmart E-Boost Controller, Lenso 19" rims, Pedders Coil Over suspension droped on it's ass, JVC and Pioneer Stereo with DVD, 6 point Immobliser and alarm. Walbro Fuel Pump, Was just dynod at Mercury Motorsport with 185kw atw on 14psi. Truely a drivers car with so much potentional and is heaps of fun to drive. Sorry about the quality of the pics, I used my phone. I will post some new shots when I get time to do a proper photo shoot late one after noon when the lighting is just right. Future plans include an Apexi Power Fc, Cs Short Shift Kit, HKS Injectors, Turbosmart Dual Port BOV, Better Brakes and possibly a M-Sport Body kit. But we will see, Im very happy with the way she is now. Its great going slideways at the lights that is something my old rex could never do. Then again this doesn't launch like my old rexie did. She is Registered in Qld now, since that is where I live. I Drove it up from down south full non-stop cannon ball run style with my old man. Was quite trip and although bumpy throughly enjoyable.
  14. Spose I'll Post My S15 Too.

    Thanks for the comments guys, I just slaped a set of Falken 451s on the back, boy oh boy are they great tyres. Hopefully gonna get a powerFC in a week or so, will be good to see what she is making with that in.
  15. GOT MY S15!

    Nice ride there bud. The first mod you should do is get yourself a decent 3" xorst you'll be suprised how much of a difference that will make!! Then get some 19s and dump it with some coil overs.
  16. my 180 (sort of)

    Bloody hell that look absolutly awesome. nuff said!
  17. S15 Intro

    Yep I have the same problem with my turbo timer. Apparently If you take it to the right place it can be fixed.
  18. Spose I'll Post My S15 Too.

    Yeah it gets over bumps ok, so long as I'm going under 2km/h Its funny seeing big 4x4s in my rear view mirror at uni getting all pissed off cause I go so slow over them. then when they try and over take me i turn up the boost and floor it. That pisses them off even more!! I had this MY99, but now she is gone and I miss her, but the S15 is Farken great and faster too and I wouldn't trade back.
  19. My S15

    AAHHH you bastard you have my car. That is the S15 I always wanted (not that im disapointed with a pewter spec s) Great everything is fantastic. loose the wing. But why did u only get 17s they should be atleast 18s or even 19s then it would have been perfect. Trade them in and get the same ones only bigger. other than that, Magnific