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  1. The YouTube Thread Vol:Tres

    Ok so as if the new 2015 Ford Mustang wasn't cool enough already, it will be coming with a line lock button. Or a Burn out button, to easily and safely lock up the front brakes only and make it easy to 'warm' up the tyres at the 'race track'. Damn I want one. http://youtu.be/O3nbwCjZKk8
  2. You do realise there are other ways of making your car a legal ride height without having to raise your car. Perhaps look at your exhaust which is most likely your reason your car isn't 100mm off the ground. Get it mounted closer to the floor of the car, get a different muffler. There are things you can do without making it a 4x4 and keep it legal.
  3. Stop What You're Doing And Watch This

    LOL I love that video, that guy is one damn fool. Honestly I think he watched this video without fully understanding it. Not to mention all those refusal videos you see on youtube in regards to check points. Again all these video are for American law, some principals apply here but without understanding which ones you will only end up the our friend in the videos above. Apart from the first video I think these guys are cock suckers especially the fruit guy. But they are however upholding their rights which is important.
  4. Words can not describe how neutered the car scene had become. I don't know about other state but 10 years ago South East Queensland had a wicked car scene. From the massive turn outs at Broad water car park and Milton McDonalds which eventually turned into Springwood McDonald after some racing down the M1. To he mega 1-3am 300+ rolling blockade street racing down the M1 and I think it was the M5. The scene was popularized with Ignition DVDs filled with drug dealers and their expensive blingy rides, with massive stereos, atmospheric bovs and flashy paint jobs. The Autosalon would attract thousands of cars modified in every way imaginable and late at night on random roundabouts in back roaded areas cars would meet up to drift largely uninterrupted, or if the cops did come they would just tell you to leave not try and fine everyone. The only defects you really had to worry about were bald tyres and ride height. You'd cop a slap on the wrist for burn out and there was no need to pull over if you were caught street racing the cops only drove V6 commodores but they were easy to spot from miles away anyway so this wasn't something you needed to do often. Almost everyday you would race off from the light against another Jap import or something domestic with a Holden or Ford badge and it wasn't a big deal, Honestly I would watch street racing news stories about the USA and even today (as their rights are protected by a constitution) and always think "We do it better in Australia" Obviously this had stop in time, and the anti hooning laws and P plate laws really restricted what cars kids could drive. This quickly turned a scene that was about driving your cars and enjoying your cars to a scene that was all about hard parking and taking photographs. Not to mention the scene really neutered itself, all of a sudden everyone wanted to abide by the law, if you were caught reving your engine or doing a skid you were shunned for doing something that is synonymous with 'cars' Over all however our behavior 10 years ago was no different than what our cousins and our parents were doing 10 and 20 years before us. But with movies like Fast and Furious it brought A LOT more people to the car scene and therefore a lot more attention from the public and authorities. However it was all rather dangerous and I'm not surprised it all got stopped. Todays car scene imo is about as exciting and as interesting as watching the grass grow and if you are still really into cars the place to go is the track. People still build fast and powerful cars but instead of taking them our and showing them off on a Thursday night they take them to Test N Tune at willowbank or compete for bragging rights at Powercruise or a drift day. Honestly I really feel for todays generation of car enthusiasts, as my words really don't breath into life what it was like to be a petrol head 10 years ago. But then again I'm sure every generation probably says that. Fun can still be had in a car today but it usually comes at the cost of admission rather than a fine as fines these days are as expensive as your car.
  5. Gain of running a decat pipe?

    I had my exhaust repaired at C.E.S here in Brisbane at which point he informed me that my Cat had been gutted (As i bought the car with an existing turbo back exhaust, Damn wogs taking the cheap way out when modifying their car to save on buying a high flow cat). He informed me that on their own dyno there was no real gains to speak of from running a gutted cat (decat) or running a high quality high flow cat. And certainly my dyno sheets with my mods aren't any higher than any other similarly modded SR20s on these forums so I'd have to agree with him. However in saying that I do love very much that my car shoots 4 foot flames out the back when I launch it, something that is difficult to do in a car with a CAT.
  6. Good daily coilovers? (s13)

    Ive got GReddy Type S coil overs, they are of a high quality, I had them for about 5 years or so and haven't had any problems with them. No rattles no squeaks. I do wish however they were more comfortable, even on a soft setting which doesn't offer enough damping for the springs the ride is pretty firm couple that with 18" rims on 40 profile tyres you get pretty tired after a day of driving (5 hours plus) and in extended drives my lower back on the stock S15 seats does get sore. However in terms of handling, while they aren't my only suspension mod the car car handles nicely.
  7. Flickfessions

    Dude seriously watch some new movies. You need to watch and review - "Wolf Of Wall Street" "American Hustle" "12 Years A Slave" "The Dallas Buyers Club" and "Captain Phillips" nuff said.
  8. The YouTube Thread Vol:Tres

    a bit of a lol
  9. The YouTube Thread Vol:Tres

    Russian Big Brother is where its at LOL http://youtu.be/I0aIabNvYH0 not big brother but f**king hilarious http://youtu.be/EZl5rt9OC7c
  10. Toilet paper

    indeed made only worse when you really have to shit while in the shower and don't really have time to fully dry off and have to sit on the John soaking wet.
  11. Toilet paper

    I fold for the same reason why Kemp does. I insist the paper rolls over the top away from the wall, as that is how ALL high end hotel set their toilet paper, sometimes if i have guests i make it into a triangle shape at the end for extra street cred. If it is a regular shit i usually wipe sitting down as I'm a lazy kent, wiping back to front, I've never once had a problem hitting the balls you careless f*cks. But if it is a I just ate bad KFC sh*t were it is more liquid than solid than I would stand wiping front to back. As a general rule before I start I will drop 2-3 pieces of paper into the toilet typically folded in order to prevent any splash back.
  12. Don't like the cost of doing business then close your doors. Thats what banks do, the government, and big business. Its a public holiday because society (the public) have deemed it as a day off, in other words you aren't supposed to be working. It is a holiday after all. I know I don't go on holiday and work. If you CHOOSE to open your doors on a day that is supposed to be a holiday then the cost of doing so is finding staff to man those hours. If that means paying more then that is the cost of doing business. However again I support free market capitalism. So if the cafe wants to add a tariff because the cost of doing business is high then so be it. The free market will decide with their purchases on the day. My objection is anyone anywhere having a bitch about it.
  13. Stop What You're Doing And Watch This

    The video has nothing to do with conspiracy theories. It just explains what and how the Australian constitution works. I mean most of us know more about American law than our own legal system. What our rights are and what exactly the constitution affords us. It takes 34min less than the time of a Jackass episode or episode of Duck Dynasty. Do yourself a favor and you might learn something. Don't be proud of your ignorance.
  14. Ok so most of us will probably know SOME of this as much of it is covered in basic law classes in high school. But I assure you it is worth a refresh and you might learn something that actually you could use one day.