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  1. 5 x 5 to cut body fat

    This is the internet. If you want to have a training sesh with me i will gladly oblige. Those are the only numbers that count. I am not a personal trainer. I train for me and noone else.
  2. 5 x 5 to cut body fat

    How about this. Im not listing a damned thing. Im done, you do what you want to do. And i will continue to do what i do. Im 37 not some snotty nosed know it all 20 year old.
  3. 5 x 5 to cut body fat

    ^^^^^^ Thank you You have hit the nail on the head. Never replace food for supplements. As for research regarding whey, well I have done my own. Using Isolyze pure whey protein isolate. My insulin goes through the roof as the excess whey can convert to glucose. And what he is saying is its common sense. Whey is a dairy product. We are the only species who drink another species baby formula. Its not produced for us its produced for baby cows. With humapro none of this and im down 13 kilos while still maintaining and growing my muscle mass. I get a 6 monthly body scan done. Oh and I have been as low as 4.5% bodyfat when I was 22. So I kinda know what im doing.
  4. 5 x 5 to cut body fat

    Author L Rea been around for years owns ALR Industries. Best whey protein isolate purest form 16-17% anabolic 83-84% catabolic. No matter how pure 83-84% WILL hit the toilet. So its not coming from me there is a video about it. And I do not use whey protein. Whey Protein is for losers. I use Humapro. Have a nice day.
  5. 5 x 5 to cut body fat

    That link will explain to you exactly, how catabolic whey protein is.
  6. Relative Newbie to Fitness

    Not a dumb question at all. The only supplement which will build muscle faster is rest, and lots of it. Then the next supplement which will damage the muscle so the rest can repair is the weights, hard work and dedication to your routine and diet. Creatine is best taken post workout so its best when your muscles are engorged and full of nutrition rich blood mix in a little bit of juice and drink. How many days are you doing weight training? What kind of program does your pt have you on? How many days a week can you spare for weight training? Get the diet and training down pat before worrying about supplements. Supplements only help a diet they dont speed up anything. And they definitely arent a replacement for whole food.
  7. 5 x 5 to cut body fat

    Never replace real food for protein and simple sugar supplements like dextrose. There is not enough slow release sugars to keep your body fueled for a heavy workout. Eat eat and eat the number one rule if you want to grow naturally. Also always train 100% and dont worry about percentages when you are leaning down about how you need to train at 75% because you dont have the caloric intake. Your body will dictate your strength proportional to your food intake. Whether you want to listen to mindless blubber or listen to me that is your choice. The only thing I can tell you is listen to your body it will tell you what you need. And finally understand the word SUPPLEMENT. It is an adition to your diet not a replacement.
  8. Supplement Reviews

    ^^^^^^^^^^^you are an idiot
  9. Supplement Reviews

    Im just simply in awe at the this stupidity above and the sheer arrogance of a moron who tries to argue with someone who is a walking encyclopedia even before the damn internet was created.
  10. Supplement Reviews

    I would say you think you know more than you actually do. Protein isolate has a 97% digestability/efficiency rate (national research council us 1989). Also, wpc gives you more protein per dollar. Wpi is more expensive due to being lactose free and rid of trace f/cho. Bcaas are leucine isoleucine and valine. Last time I checked they form 3 out of the required 8 essential amino acids with glutamine becoming essential under certain conditions. As for 'correct ratio' thats untrue. A minimum number of all of the amino acids (non essential/essential) is required to induce protein synthesis. Any excess is curbed by diurnal cycling and oxidization via the liver. Are you for real? BCAAs are just those three are they? There is absolutely no truth in that rubbish you just posted. Those three are not BCAA they are 3 of the EAA - essential amino acids. BCAA - branch chain amino acids, these the body can produce when the 9 (read the number NINE) of the essential amino acids EAA are present. See EAA table below. Histidine Isoleucine Leucine Lysine Methionine Phenylalanine Threonine Tryptophan Valine Amino acid(s) mg per kg body weight mg per 70 kg mg per 100 kg H Histidine 10 700 1000 I Isoleucine 20 1400 2000 L Leucine 39 2730 3900 K Lysine 30 2100 3000 M Methionine + C Cysteine 10.4 + 4.1 (15 total) 1050 1500 F Phenylalanine + Y Tyrosine 25 (total) 1750 2500 T Threonine 15 1050 1500 W Tryptophan 4 280 400 V Valine 26 1820 2600 The above is the correct matrix required to kickstart protein synthesis. Im sorry but it seems to me that you like to google, and argue stuff which you dont actually understand. Whey protein is only 18-20% anabolic. Digestability has nothing to do with how much of the product is actually used by the human body. It is after all milk from another species COWS. So how can the human body use something which is produced for calves?. Even meat which has the correct and complete amino acid profile for human consumption is only 32% ANABOLIC. Do you grasp the concept of what ANABOLIC AND CATABOLIC MEANS? Catabolic is the waste, which means you go to the toilet to shit. If according to your reasoning that is correct that 97% of a PROCESSED by product is digested by the human intestines then hell we would NEVER SHIT. You cant even get the basic concept of EAA - Essential Amino Acid, and BCAA - Branch chain amino acid down.\ S14_LEE if you want to learn something from someone thats been in this shit for over 25 years then ask me ill answer. You dont need to back up people who dont make sense.
  11. Supplement Reviews

    Ok cool, as I said I didnt mean to imply anything. As for whey it is a byproduct of cheese manufacturing, therefore it is a dairy product. No matter how good or pure the whey (isolate) our body can only assimilate 18-20% of the product. The rest is waste as we dont have 4 stomachs like the cows to break down and absorb the whey at a higher rate. So 20% anabolic 80 % catabolic or thereabouts. The human body requires 9 of the essential amino acid in a correct ratio to kickstart protein synthesis and from these the body can produce the rest of the non essential and branch chain amino acids. The whey isolate that I use is 93% pure so 27g of a 29g scoop is protein. Lactose free fat free and low in calories. This product can be bought for 129 dollars a 2kg tub. So you work out the purity of any other whey isolate then deduct 80% and this will give you an idea of which one you pay more for. As for where the whey comes from, well American brands use American whey, they do have dairy farms over there too. Im happy to have a discussion just dont call me stupid.
  12. Supplement Reviews

    Did I say anything about bulk nutrients being sub standard? You get what you pay for. As for me having to prove, well I dont have to prove anything. You use what you want to use I will use what I choose to use. I am not telling you to use anything. I simply stated that I have my regime and it is listed above. And what gives you the right to call me stupid?
  13. Supplement Reviews

    ^^^^^^^^^Brilliant observation, with no credible evidence to back up your claim. When you walk into Coles, do you buy HOME BRAND or you buy a branded product? I use what i have been using for years, thanks champ as a matter of fact, im a lot smarter than you. Thank you.
  14. 30 Day squat challenge

    ^^^^ NS approved lol