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  1. Price : $555 Condition : Used hey guys ive got a few things for sale that i have no use for 5 stud conversion out of a s14(complete) comes with: hubs rotors calipers front LCAs brake lines comes with near new brake pads missing a brake clip, can get from the wreckers for $5bux, can supply if i can time. chasing $750firm tien coilovers not to sure what the are hieght adjustable camber adjustable no leaks or knocks. doesnt have c-spanners though. no biggy chasing $800 slightly nego BN side skirts s13 in primer, ready to paint fits very well no damage, go condition chasing $100firm standard s13 cat back exhaust missing rear muffler good for epa $80firm 2x standard s14/r33 rims average condition few gutter marks tyres are rooted chasing $50firm 2x 4x114.3 rims 16x6.5 RWC tyres not too sure what they are but they look crap, but have good tyres $50firm FREE sr s13 front seats 1 ciggy burn on the base pritty good nick no buckle FREE s13 drivers window has tint on it FREE standard s13 sway bar pics can be set through MMS cbf uploading pick up only contact me via pm or call me on O433473036 regards ken
  2. garage sale - $100

    Price : $100 Condition : Used hey guys, cleaning my garage out found afew things that i dont need anymore. s13/180sx BN(i think?) side skirts, in primer, no damage, ready for paint, fits pritty dam good, $100 standard s13/180sx rear sway bar, $30 standard s13/180sx cat back exhaust, missing rear muffler, good for epa and shit $80 standard s13/180sx drivers and passenger seats, missing buckle, one has a ciggy burn where ur ass would be, $80 for both standard s13/180sx drivers window glass, has tint but its shit, can remove if wanted, $40 CA18DET standard cam shafts and sprockets, no real signs of wear, $70 CA18DET rocker cover and valley cover, started sandinng back then cbf, $50 S14a door hinges, bought as a pair only needed one side, $30 R33 gtr rear spoiler, KL0 silver, minor scratches, not to sure if its genuine or not, comes with brake light and loom, $130 no postage pick up only from bundoora, melbourne(northern) contact me via pm or call me on 0433473036
  3. bodykits in melb?

    hey guys anyone know what happened to all the people selling bodykits went? people arent advertising anymore or something? i know that there not as popular anymore but still..... i used to know a few now there all doing other things anyone out there know of any people selling bodykits(s13)
  4. MotoGP accident. Marco Simoncelli passed away

    RIP Marco Simoncelli

    BOVs are like tampons, every pussy needs one
  6. hi i need to read my old topics i have put up over the years. i cant seem to view my topics further than 1 year ago is the any other setting i change to get all my older topics back? thanks
  7. ca18det

    hey dudes just wondering wat the vaccum is surposed to be on a ca18det on idle one a cold start my idles about 12vac wen all warmed up it carys from about 14-18, but it doesnt fluctuat it just depends wen i stop ive got a ported head ca16cams fmic, zorst, pod standard comp. anyone know wat it should be?
  8. coilovers

    nah its not for damper, it does not turn or screw in, its exactly the same as a tyre valve. i pressed the little pin in the valve and air can out, then i pressed it again oil came out (valve works the same as a tyre valve). would it be some sorta refilling point?
  9. coilovers

    with wat? and how much?

    i have a belly button
  11. coilovers

    hey guys and girls, ive got a pair of front coilovers(zeal) and there sorta like a valve(like tyre valve) at the bottom of the coilovers just wondering wat that is? can anyone help?

    half the problem is that import owners drive pigged out cars, mixed matched wheels, different coloured panels. even if its not that, if u have a car that looks good(wat we preserve that looks good, not RICED) they still get ya, wat ive noticed is that if ur car isnt painted in a house of kolours or dont have chromies or a phat system, ur gona get done, wat im trying to say that if ur car doesnt look like a show car, they'll get ya. difference between a "show car(lebo spec)" and import owner in the popo's eyes is that they dont see the show car as a hoon car, but looking at a import they immediatly think, "yup he hoons(by the presentation of the car)". next time u take ur import out, be prepared to get raped so bring lube.

    yeah they said on the radio that theres gona be a blitz in well known "hoon areas" dont feel like getting raped, so ill jump in my neighbours car(commo bahaha)
  14. pirtek, get and adaptor(screw adaptor into plate, screw sender into adaptor) them BAM, should only cost ya like 5bux or a favour
  15. costco?

    holy santa clause sh1t. fvck me dead thats a big pizza. can u shed some light about costco? u need to buy member ship before u get in right? is it generic brand stuff? just for kicks, how much was that pizza?