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  1. $1695 USD + $550 USD Freight + I got stung 10% on import charges. Work on $3K AUD + 10% of whatever you declare. My thoughts as per SC's was that at least I know I am getting a new good box, not a dodgy second hand one. This price doesn't seem too bad then from Justjap. You're saying 3.3k (if you include gst, plus another 5% for customs?) Justjap is $3,399 but I suppose delivery to WA might be added on too. http://justjap.com/genuine-nissan-gearbox-nissan-350z-z33-manual-gearbox.html
  2. AH my bad, I was thinking of his other car from a few years ago. I wish I had a VET.
  3. Yeh, they are about ~$100/set? They look awesome though Murray constant tension ~$20/clamp Other brand (whatever GoGear sell) constant tension ~$10/clamp Wurth Zebra ~$5/clamp Approx prices.
  4. I've had issues my intercooler piping popping off and I ran t-bolt clamps from Clampco. AMS wrote a piece here stating why t-bolts are shit and screw/worm gear clamps are the way to go. http://www.gtrlife.c...an-explanation/ The issue is that the clamping force is spread over a larger area, which is not a good thing. Also the clamp may sit over the grooved ridge/beading of the pipping. I've done my research, and yes constant tension ones are the best so far with the "Murray Constant tension" clamps topping the list (used in WRC I believe). Also not too bad are Wurth Zebra clamps. In Perth, you can get the constant tension clamps and Zebra clamps from GoGear (trying a racing shop in your area/state). Not heard much about Wiggins, but they probably top the list - very expensive though and probably only used for drag applications.
  5. Are you going to race in improved production? How do you find the MCA reds? That is something I am thinking of changing over from HSD HR. Yes and no. Will be doing RAC and eventually, no limits. It is more or less a dedicated track car. Only so far driven to the SWA cruise. As you can imagine, there aren't a lot of people building/completing VE conversions in WA. Andrew's from Hyperdrive crashed his apparently.
  6. Cheers for the info. You aren't on SilviaWA are you? Keen to know more details of what you are building. I'm weighing up the CD009 gearbox option, however at this stage and power level I might just get my RB25 box rebuilt.
  7. RB25det gearbox

    Might as well consider the Cd009 gearbox at that price. They are about US1700 + delivery.
  8. What's the landed cost looking like? My 4th gear on my RB is almost gone so I'm thinking of doing this next.
  9. With my RB box, I ran a nismo coppermix twin plate for the SR20/S13. I think it's the same above for the Z33 (SJB87 I'm sure can clarify).
  10. S15 parts URGENT SALE

    Still got these? I'm in WA too, willing to pickup?
  11. No idea. I ended up ordering a Dakota Digital speed sensor from the states. Will update on how I go. My speedo is currently running at about half though. There is a how to here: http://forums.nicocl...ox-t392355.html
  12. Billywhiz, as someone who is a total noob with wiring - mind explaining how to do the install? Thinking of ordering the dakota digital kit.
  13. Brand new original AC Delco D585 LSX coils, internal igniters, plugs to suit to wire $SOLD Barely used Nissan OEM coilpacks for s13/14. Bought brand new. $200ono Modified 4 stud (s13) knuckles for extra lock $250 Located in Perth WA Postage at buyers expense. PM or email (xistre@gmail.com).
  14. Agreed. I run a Walbro E85 450L fuel pump. Hardly hear it at all and makes bulk power
  15. Make and model: Nissan 180sx Size of engine: 1998cc Modifications to the car: rebuilt forged sr20det, 6Boost twin scroll, twin Tial MVR 38mm, vipec v44, walbro e85, HKS fuel rail, ID2000, tomei FPR Type of turbo: GTX3076R Trim of turbo: 52T Rear Exhaust housing: 1.08 When does vehicle begin boost: 3000 When does vehicle reach full boost and what PSI: 4800 Does the vehicle have Cams? if so; HKS 272/264 Stage 2 What brand: HKS What lift/duration etc: 12 Max power achieve at what boost: 471.8rwhp/351rwkw @ 22psi