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  1. WANTED: S13 DE DIZZY ***URGENT!****

    For SR is it? I have a dizzy cap if that's all you need...
  2. hahaha the fact that one of Hobart's "selling points" is that it has a Nandos makes me seriously reconsider what the f**k I'm doing here in this f**king state
  3. That makes it sounds like it is permanently night. I just stepped outside and sun is shiney brightly. It is cold, but sun is warm. Of course that's a relative term down here. Coming from Qld it's gonna be frigging cold, sun or not. To put it into perspective, most people in Tasmania think 20°C is warm, and 25° is hot. Not sure what its like up north (never been to Qld) but I can tell you in Perth people are still wearing jumpers at this point
  4. To be honest I wouldn't move here on a whim. Only reason I'm here is because I got offered a good job straight out of uni. I'd recommend southern suburbs of Perth (WA) as a good place to live (much warmer as well).
  5. wtb Locally! plz.

    If you don't mind paying postage you could get one of those fully sick alloy ones that some site sponsors sell
  6. Drift Practice day THIS Saturday

    Would have been good if this could have been organised for next financial year (i.e. the week after) as I'm hardly going to pay HSCC membership that'll last a weekend...
  7. SR sump plug thread specs

    yeah turns out to be m12 x 1.25
  8. *New Sprinter*

    I'm pretty sure that concept car is the 'performance hybrid' that Toyota had at the last Detroit auto show. Basically it uses electric motors for the kickass torque you can get from them. Talk at the time is that it was slated to be the supra replacement, not sprinter. *edit* Link at the bottom of that page is much more interesting: http://www.drive.com.au/Editorial/ArticleD...ArticleID=52578
  9. I could also be interested, except my R32 seats will need to have rails modified unless you have an s13 lol
  10. *New Sprinter*

    and if it does, it will be FF, and have factory diesel option...
  11. Sell me a Half Cut

    Assuming you're after an R32/33 halfcut yes?
  12. Guy has sex with his car!?!

    Hmmm I'm pretty sure 'mecha' refers to any machine, not just cars. I don't know if that is more or less disturbing. I do know that its pretty fucked up.
  13. Guy has sex with his car!?!

    yeah thats pretty fucking weird hey