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  1. Diet advice

    My bad i meant Mr western Australia first place open and overall winner 06 And my spelling and grammer is @#$% all of your concern some times the things we do Dieting bulking whatever it may be works for a period of time then platoes when this happened to me i couldn understand it so i went to some one who would there is always some better at what you do that goes for everything.

    Guys there are people who know all the big fancy words and eqautions and then there are those who get big do it quick stay lean and win comps. thats us and we dont stuff around with pen to paper finger to calculator(ok sometimes before comps for strict leaning diets) but the point being i lost 26kg in four months and replace that fat with 12.5 kg's of muscle on my own going on my knowledge know one elses. I have just started out a where i think i can do fairly well we mainly raise profit from the sale of training gear and 90% of the our advice is free and simply advice. All i offered was to pass on my natural knowledge to hopefully help body building enthusiasts and all i got in return was a bunch dick know it alls with exception of a few See you at NABBA

    Hey guys i own xxx we offer diet and excercise programs specialising in competition body building (on session and off)myself and business partner have alot of expierence in both bulking and dieting side of the competion life for body builders. So if you would like a diet written up especialy to suite you or one on one training to go through proper forms or evan just some friendly advice for the beginers just give us a call. Gordon Thanks for your time
  4. Diet advice

    I had Mr Australia wright up my diet justin being a good mate of mine and dropped 9kg in 4 weeks and still going.
  5. Custom Plates

    ^^^Thats where i stand and i seem to have slipped to the dark side anyway. What kind of car anyway bro. Cales is a complete 4 door monaro now front end and back all manaro looks hot hey.
  6. Custom Plates

    Wouldn doubt it bro dewayne with the VT SS he has a formular tech Package through it running 12.1 on street tyres the LS1 is a very reliable hp motor such small modds with such big results. As you said dan cheap for awsome results. (dont know if it was directed at me but i wasnt bagging your car at all)
  7. Im pritty sure we all had the same sort of thought on the three fifty when first photos where shown it might grow on us.
  8. Problem after ss install

    Seriously do you hate the world or something cheer up and stop being a prick to everyone. Poeple like you kill the good vibe on the forums
  9. S13 5 stud conversion...

    yeah dont quote me but you have every thing you need
  10. What are S14/S15 turbos?

    Oh im so terribly sorry did i yank your chain. Grow up. i am almost 100% sure the t28 is a bb turbo but i cant be bothered going to the shed to check (Its off an 02 s15)
  11. Hey! im new here

    Ding Ding Ding Ding Ding And the winner is ^^^^^
  12. Just got my car back....

    ^^^^Yeah dude what kit is that? Vertex?????
  13. What are S14/S15 turbos?

    As far as im aware they are not the same turbo gt25 is not bb t28 is
  14. What are S14/S15 turbos?

    S15 is t28 bb wich is the same as GT2560R diference being this is the largest of the series t28bb is the smallest of its series. Thats where the confusion of them being the same turbo come from.
  15. Custom Plates

    Ha ha Saw a ford falcon gt nice looking one dumped big rims and the rest. Y PAY TAX on the plates