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  1. WANT TO BUY nismo engine mountsvs15

    I have a pair, as new (fitted but not driven on) $180.
  2. WANT TO BUY nismo engine mountsvs15

    I have a pair, as new (fitted but not driven on) $180.
  3. Millenium Jade s13.5 ***LXZ KRANZE'S ARE 'ERE***

    What happened here? None of the NS.com hosted pics work anymore??
  4. Millenium Jade s13.5 ***LXZ KRANZE'S ARE 'ERE***

    Re the guy above I think Pmod has answered for me. In relation to the build, yes it's still around and yes it's slowly moving forward. My only real addition of late is the installation of my airjacks I still need to get them all plumbed up and the air lance, but it's a step.
  5. Millenium Jade s13.5 ***LXZ KRANZE'S ARE 'ERE***

    Hey all, More goodies rocked up the other day. Hopefully we will see start up in the coming month (or two). This is the display racepak iq3, the logger dash was a bit too rich for my blood. Also included was a wideband sensor, an oil pressure sensor and an oil temp sensor.
  6. Millenium Jade s13.5 ***LXZ KRANZE'S ARE 'ERE***

    The clamp was about 1/2 the cost of the wiggins clamps. The car has now moved from Fabraications to get the wiring done. All getting closer!
  7. Millenium Jade s13.5 ***LXZ KRANZE'S ARE 'ERE***

    the cooler piping is now nearing completion at Fabraications. They have done a great job. I wanted to get wiggins clamps, but given their cost, I asked Fab for some alternatives. They suggested a plasmaman clamp which looks the business. Next on the list is to get the car wired, which is now booked in. Here are some update pics.
  8. Millenium Jade s13.5 ***LXZ KRANZE'S ARE 'ERE***

    Btw thanks for the support guys. Especially Choonga ❤️
  9. Millenium Jade s13.5 ***LXZ KRANZE'S ARE 'ERE***

    Finally some more progress 😃 Just have to get this finished off then exhaust and wiring. Shouldn't be crazy long left now!
  10. hey mate, I realise that you do not want to sell parts, but as you have two sets, wondering if you want to sell your front windows without sliders?
  11. Honda powered Silvia... Featured in ZOOM Magazine

    hey mate, would Andrew from the brake store do this for others? I'd like to get this done to my car that is currently in the build process. I want to get it done EXACTLY like yours.
  12. 10 years

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  13. Millenium Jade s13.5 ***LXZ KRANZE'S ARE 'ERE***

    so, not much progress as mates have been at drift all last weekend. This weekend may mean some more meaningful updates. So last week I tried to put in my clutch master cylinder as a friend had it in his car while he was away in the States and I couldn't get to it prior to putting the engine in. I removed the Greddy V2 plenum to put it in and surprise surprise another issue. The plenum hit the s13 clutch master. So I remembered reading a solution to this in another thread on this forum here: http://nissansilvia.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=518381&view=findpost&p=2088596360 So I spent all of 30secs on the interwebs and ordered my new clutch master from Just Jap. It came within the week and I put it in. Voila all in and everything fits. Well almost everything, I have a direct braided line from the clutch master to the clutch slave and it now need to have the master connection straightened as the s13 line bolts onto the side and the s15 bolts into the bottom. So once that is all straightened I can move onto what will undoubtedly be the next problem (glass half empty kinda guy). Also, my chase bays power steering reservoir rocked up today. Now I have to start thinking about getting fuel lines, oil cooler lines and power steering lines all made up. the fun continues.........
  14. Hi guys, As many of you would be aware for track entry these days when you have external fuel systems you need to have the system away from the cabin. I believe that this may be a solution to this, and if not, then it cleans up the rear of the car. Pics show the item. Located in Moorabbin $150.00 Bride rail (suit zeta seat and others) $150.00 Passenger Bride Seat Rail FG-type for S13: $250 (new and unused) s14/15 Genuine Greddy Manifold $300.00 also, still have my powerFC or sale: http://nissansilvia....l=&fromsearch=1