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  1. still lifting bruhhh?

    Been lifting on & off for the past 4 years, the last 2 years I've been a little more serious and consistent. Currently sitting at a bodyweight of 78gs Current 1RM's are: Bench: 110kg Deadlift: 255kg Squat:175kg Diet has been experimental over that time. Currently focussing on calories vs what I'm actually putting in my mouth which has so far yielded the best results.
  2. Datsun 1200 Sedan (1972)

    ITEM: Datsun 1200 Sedan (1972) CONDITION: Very good REASON FOR SELLING: Not wanting to modify a clean un-molested example PRICE AND PRICE CONDITIONS: $6000 firm EXTRA INFO: After quite a bit of thought I have decided to put my Datsun 1200 up for sale. After owning a few performance cars over the years and deciding to move on from them for a while to build a house etc.........the bug has now once again bitten, I contemplated modifying this 1200 with a CA18DET or SR20DET etc........but to be honest whilst not being in 'perfect' condition it is very clean and un-molested so I would prefer to move this on and start a new project. As you will see from the photos the car is very clean, neat and tidy which was exactly what I was looking for when I purchased her 6/7 years ago, they were very few and far between then and seem to be even more scarce now. The only 'modifications' to have been made to this vehicle are as follows: -13 x 6" Performance mini lights with virtually brand new tyres. -50mm lowering blocks in the rear with 50mm lowered springs in the front. -Pioneer CD player in glove box with I-Pod input, with DLS speakers front and rear. -Steel rear venetian. -And of course the hand knitted rug on the rear seat. I have the original wheels and hub caps that will come with the car if you want the original look. 3 months rego will be put on the car for the buyer. The car has some very minor rust, tears in vinyl seats and a couple of minor dents as pictured. I am by no means in any rush so my asking price will be firm and I'm not interested in swaps or removing things to make the car cheaper LOCATION: Adelaide, South Australia CONTACT: 04 88 44 66 96 (I don't come online too often so please text/call)
  3. hoping for some advice

    ha-ha, what a laugh this has been to read.................. So six years on have I learnt anything?....................let’s just say I can see why some people got/get so frustrated by some of the comments/posts people make........... We are so brainwashed by the media though and what people think/perceive is healthy it’s ridiculous, the low fat foods / diets drive me insane............ I don't diet but if people want to put a label on what I eat I basically follow the paleo diet and eat gluten free (I never touch anything with wheat these days) and I feel the best I ever have. Use a lot of coconut oil and butter when cooking. I'm now 30 (yep jus had the big 3.0) I now maintain a pretty steady 80kgs~ I have and still do mix up my training to keep things interesting and hopefully not stagnate.............I 'Strongman' train once week and depending on the programme I'm doing I weight train 3-4 times a week. I can’t remember what my maxes were back in the day or if I even did them but I’ve just cracked the 200KG deadlift, 150KG Squat… Reasonably happy with leg stuff but got some work to do on upper body…….. Over the past few years I’ve done quite a few of the common programmes, 10 x 10’s, 5 x 5’s etc……. I have a squat/power rack that I’ve built at home and apart from ‘Strongman’ training I always train at home usually by myself, I do very little isolation exercises, more fully body exercise (dead’s, squats, overhead press, clean and press, barbell rows, chinups etc………..) The biggest thing I have found though over the years which has been mentioned over and over on here is that diet and recovery are so important and I know when I was younger I kinda scoffed at those comments……… Never been a heavy drinker but I certainly used to enjoy my Friday and Saturday nights, these days I hardly touch the stuff maybe had 4/5 drinks in total last year, that has certainly helped my training.
  4. Softies SA Fishing Thread

    just got back from the onk (near foot bridge), threw a 5g halco round for 2 salmon trout and a tommy, nothing big but a bit of fun. mate caught a bream on some prawns.

    saw a very nice wide, green S13 with number plate 'VIRUS' in Flagstaff area
  6. tax guru's out there

    Cheers Kieran. Yes it will be paid in a lump sum so basically i will get taxed severely up front but will get it back at tax time? This years tax should be good as it'll be my first year with an investment property too!
  7. looks pretty likely i'll be starting a new job in the next month or so. i have just over 7 weeks annaul leave up my sleeve and i'll be taking a week off between jobs so i'll get paid an extra 6 weeks this financial year in theory meaning i'll get paid 58 weeks this year. Does this mean i'll get taxed extra on that money and if so will it be now or at tax time? Some people have said i will and others have said i won't due to the fact i'm on $55k a year and the next tax bracket isn't til $75k? any help would be appreciated! Cheers!
  8. Fishing spots in Adelaide

    decent size? apparently there were a few around on opening but most were too small?
  9. Fishing spots in Adelaide

    but did u catch anything softy?
  10. Fishing spots in Adelaide

    Here are some pics of the fish i kept in pt. lincoln a couple of weeks before xmas. And also some pics from Boxing day, went wakeboarding at wellington and fished in between, no monsters but dropped 3 larger ones at the bank. Some were great fun on 6lb line.
  11. Fishing spots in Adelaide

    just got back from pt. lincoln where i was working. only managed to fit in 2 hours of fishing but its the best 2 hrs of fishing i've had in years. I fished the wharf at the marina (near the restaurant), when i first got there i chucked my 15g chrome halco lure on and hooked up to 9/10 salmon trout, only managed to land one though each time i went to lift them up the 3m wharf they would head shake and spit the hook. I then caught a small slimy mackeral on the lure and by this time i was fed up with losing them at the last minute so i decided to fillet it and use it as bait, best thing i did. Once i was baiting every cast had hits before it even hit the bottom most times. Caught another 15 salmon trout, 25-35cm (kept 4) 7 trevally, 15-35cm (kept 4) the 30+cm ones were great fun on 6lb line. 8 tommies, 15-25cm (kept all, smaller ones for bait) Wish i had sessions like that here in Adelaide
  12. Fishing spots in Adelaide

    Del, currently in Pt. Lincoln and it looks like i may have a couple of hours spare tomorrow arvo, know any good local spots shore based? its a dodge tide but i'll still have a crack. just picked up 25kg of pilchards for nothing which i'll salt, also got given 2 nanygai and a snapper.
  13. PM me if u still haven't found anyone to do it. I can do it but only this Wednesday or Thursday between 9&4.
  14. Fishing spots in Adelaide

    was very nice on the water but we didn't catch a thing unfortunately. caught the end of the onkastompa fishing comp at perry's bend, off the top of my head the winning mulloway was 73cm and the winning bream was a whopping 45cms.