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  1. Sa active members role call

    Its been ages since I have owned an import (over 5 years), but I am proud to say I purchased a very tidy S13 last week and I am looking forward to getting back into the import community. I would be keen on catch ups / cruises etc
  2. Make : SUBARU FORESTER Transmission : Manual Kilometres : 88000 Price : $17,000 Condition : Good Subaru Forester XT Luxury Turbo 2006 MY 07 2.5T 5 Speed AWD 88,000Kms, Full service history Leather interior Electric Sunroof Tinted Windows Subaru factory tow bar Cruise control Cargo Blind The Forester is in very good condition inside and out, lovely to drive. No mechanical issues, recently serviced. New battery installed less than 6 months ago. The tyres are in good condition. Genuine reason for sale. The car does not have finance or an encumbrance, I own it freehold. The price is $17,000. Price Negotiable, Make me an offer!! Located in Ridgehaven SOUTH AUSTRALIA (north eastern suburbs) Contact Paul on 0433 388 325 REG# DD623C
  3. socialsurveyclub.com message popped up today when i logged on Saying im todays winner and i get a prize lol. So were is my damn prize ? The ladies voice was very convincing.
  4. Im sure you guys have prolly come across this already, But here is a link to some other people who have sights who are affected also. http://xenforo.com/community/threads/my-sites-been-hacked.9985/ Maybe some of there discussion can aid you.
  5. My Aero S13 Streeter

    I was happy with it, I only did about 100km on it before i sold the car. The guy who bought it off me wasn't though lol. It blew a head gasket about a week of him driving it. Haha the mighty CA Hope to see your beast around. Looks killa now. Love what you have done with it
  6. My Aero S13 Streeter

    Looks awesome champ. So much better then the old kit. The paint is a sweet as colour, much better then the old grey. PS I'm the guy you sold the dirty old CA motor to. Got my sil all finished off in the end. But sold it before i did anything about the body work.
  7. NS - Trojan horse - WHAT THE GOSH?

    Got this java exploit warning yesterday on a brand new laptop using IE8, Kaspersky IS 2011 detected it from some url, some thing like yourmore.cc.cz or along those lines. Happened about 4 times trying to load up the front page. Does not get flagged using my PC with GoogleChrome and NIS2011 Hope this can help!
  8. Please remove

    What a stupid and pointless comment. It reflects your level of intelligence or lack there of.
  9. Please remove

    Thank you for your information. Had him outside for a while today. Will call them tomorrow and see when they can fit me in. Cheers
  10. Please remove

    I rang a few vets that were open today, none of them will look at turtles. Have to be reptile vets apparently. Will call the others on monday. Any one had any experience with turtles and shell rot ? its a 10-12 year old turtle. Never had any problems in the past
  11. Please remove

    Topic can be closed/removed Thanks for the info.
  12. New to photography

    whats the twin lens kit worth? theres a few places on ebay selling the 1000d at $500 Its not really a twin lens kit. Its the standard lens and an extra. Some huge thing for zoom. Have not even had a look at it yet. The second lens retails for around $200 and the stock one prolly $150. A good kit for a first timer who has no prior experience i think. Works out much cheaper Link to details
  13. New to photography

    Picked up the Canon EOS 1000D for $705 from dick smith. This is the body + twin lens pack. They are on special from $900 down to $745 and i get a further 5% staff discount etc... Cheaper then any were i could find online. Did alright IMO

    Just bought a Canon EOS 1000D. Here are a couple of photos i have taken. Keep in mind i know nothing about photography or photoshop... yet...
  15. New to photography

    I am buying one of these today. Hope my photos can turn out as nice as these