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  1. Who's Who of NS-Tasmania?

    Hi, just moved to Hobart from Adelaide last week. Brought my baby with me- 2003 350z track Nismo V2 / veilside skirts 9.5 x 18" Enkei rims on 255/265 Advan v103 Greddy coils, Whiteline Sways Hitech Muffler & Hi flow cats Endless pads, DBA slotted rotors Kaaz 1.5 way diff Various stereo stuffs Name: Tien Lo Location: Hobart CBD
  2. Suggestions for workshop in Hobart

    Thanks, yeah that's the car. Had to use stock bumper to get on ferry. My name's Tien but the plate looks a lot like Tein at a glance. I'll check them out later in the week!
  3. Hi I'm new to Hobart, and I'm looking for someone who can install a bolt-in cusco half cage for my 350z. If you have any suggestions (i live in the cbd) of good workshops I would be very grateful. Keen to go on a cruise too, I've seen some very nice cars around. Ta Tien
  4. TIEN Group buy!

    My name's spelt Tien! The suspension is Tein!
  5. FIXD

    i think 4 k is very optimistic.
  6. Drink Driving Appeal

    This is drink driving NOT a speeding disqualification. You CANNOT appeal a drink driving disqualification. I had a clean record and I drive tractors and utes every day for my job and had all the documentation, they don't care. Yeah you might be right...
  7. Drink Driving Appeal

    It is almost 100% likely you will be found guilty. The usual charge for this is 6 months disqualification. But if you appeal you may still successfully keep driving: If you have a clean record, you can be found guilty of this offence (driving above the general alcohol limit, but below the high limit) and still successfully appeal and keep your licence. This involves being found guilty, but providing the courts with evidence that you require your licence for work / other reasons which would cause you or a dependent "unusual hardship / unusual financial hardship". The most common example which is used in an appeal is the requirement for a vehicle for work purposes. Another example would be having a dependent (ie you're a carer for a handicapped person) etc etc. What you have to realise is that during your appeal you will not be defending whether you are guilty or not, you will be arguing your right to keep driving in spite of being guilty. I would suggest getting a letter from your employer stating that your job requires regular attendence on weekends and short notice (i don't know what you do, but i have heard of people taking new jobs eg pizza delivery for this exact purpose), bring some public transport timetables highlighting the fact that you can't rely on public transport. Mortgage documents are sometimes helpful to futher emphasise that a loss of licence would cause you lose your house. Your squeaky clean record will help you out. GL with the appeal anyways. I successfully appealed a speeding licence disqualification while i was on my P's this year (I was on my P's for speeding LAST year LOL). And be aware that you are only allowed one successful appeal every 3 years in SA.
  8. Help settle an argument...

    +1 agree Hot ground compared to night-time cool air. Heat rises in waves. Density of hot air is less than cold air, so light beams are refracted up and down as heat moves upwards.
  9. panel beaters

    seriously did you even read the thread? Or are you just trying to get to 100 posts? Uh... 101 posts! Haha all my work's been done at doyle's. A good installer is worth an extra 10 minute drive.
  10. panel beaters

    doyle crash repairs!
  11. Just wondering, is the correct bulb for the 350z (Australian delivered 2003 model with xenons) the H7? thanks
  12. Autosalon 07 Sneak Peak

    Ahahaa you were awesome!
  13. Autosalon 07 Sneak Peak

    Awesome photos adam! Nancy's doing fine, but she's got a bit of gravel rash from lying under the car all weekend... lowgrl you're looking great!
  14. Autosalon 07 Sneak Peak

    I'm TIEN, definitely different to TN haha