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  1. I wish I didnt build a desktop last year but the 15" MBP didnt have expresscard which swayed me at the time, i never use my desktop as I rather be outside or mobile, I have a NAS/monitor etc, so a lappy with SSD and file replication is the way to go, plug it into a hub and audio interface when home and im set. Hence I normally use my iphone when required, but I also have a work lappy with me most of the time, i just rarely use any comp any more.
  2. Guitar stuff

    I played one when looking at amps, fkn nice amp! I dont like blackstar at all, would have gone a marshall over one, Mesa's are f**king nice.
  3. Guitar stuff

    I was in this situation, I went Orange...
  4. Ipad purchased in US work here?

    You will need to sort out the power brick and APN(3G)- easy.
  5. What will make you buy a 3DTV?

    When i cant buy a normal tv
  6. Guitar stuff

    All origional, forgot to ask about case, valued at 2k recently, he will take 1450 due to the current USD.
  7. Soundproofing?

    from memory dads olds studio it was mounted to wood hanging forward of the walls about a foot from the floor and ceiling aimed at the noise source. Stereo monitors= two panels. hope that helps. there may have been more but those were the main ones i remember, was a room within a room, insulated frame, wood panelling inside and out, double glazed windows etc.
  8. Guitar stuff

    Thread revival: I am slowly getting back into playing after 6ish years off(did nerves in one finger, tendons between thumb and finger in left hand, few wrist fractures in right hand)? Past few months bought a Gibson Melody maker reissue(currently fitting a Seymour Duncan JB Jr [strat bridge lol]), long term if i like the JB jr will order a custom MM replacement and a lil 59 for the neck and modify my MM to be dual PU. Why a melody maker? the neck suits my f**ked hand! Grabbed an orange tiny terror head and 1x12 orange closed back cab(vintage 30) Cole Clark Fat Lady 1 Plan on grabbing a peavey or mesa head and a 2x12 cab by the end of the year and I should be done for a while Also have my brothers behringer strat copy, which my jb jr will eventually move into, currently setting it up. Got his Epiphone SG too, horrible neck!(he has a gibbon SG ) Going to do the DIY Keeley mod to my DS1 at some point... My old man has an early 80's(82?) Dual PU Gibson LP Jr. for sale at the moment if anyone is chasing one... OOPS: I also have my old Yamaha RBX series bass.
  9. Movember

    http://au.movember.com/mospace/811612 Chops are gone now though...
  10. Who thinks a PS3 Controller is SH&T?

    That should either be a statement with "That" in the place of "What", or its a question and should end with a "?"
  11. Thankyou

    I was wondering that. there councils workers. obviusly. So they aren't drug f**ked scrawny *milkshakes*?
  12. need new budget G card.

    GTS450 is ~ 175 from scorptec...might be less now with the new releases...
  13. Hence I got mine with the updated firmware from the factory Lots of SSD's had issues in their early stages!