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    thats totally bullshit, scum who do that sorta thing dont have respect its not right at all. hope its not to bad mate

    gotta love an FD dash ..... new addition to my FD was a new set of Advan A048 semis it loves it they will go on when current Advans neova Ad08s are dead
  3. **QLD ns.com Members**

    Name: Luke Location: Brisbane Car: 95 S14 (soon to be gone)+ 2001 FD RX7 RZ MSN: luke_darealtanksubie@hotmail.com Work: Radiation Therapist (Xray an shit) Interests: cars, music, targa, goin fast around corners Always up for an outing or cruise...
  4. Newcastle Spotted Thread

    Pm'd ya
  5. Newcastle Spotted Thread

    Hey Anyone in newcastle got standard or just normal low springs and stock shocks for a S14, my car is on the deck and Im over it
  6. Newcastle Spotted Thread

    at least youll know what to look for on the dyno graph for your future mods missy
  7. Newcastle Spotted Thread

    Hey Im Luke, been on here for a while, Manda reckons this place is pretty good, since SAU shut down which is totally shagged anyways have been on here for a while never really posted so i thought i may aswell start. Anyway ill keep an eye out for some of you on here, have seen one or 2 a few times
  8. Whos who in newy

    Well its good to see there is still an active place for people to talk, Havent been on SAU since middle of last year after it shut down it just ended up being a waste of time every other state seemed to be left alone. I m hoping that this is way more active have been on here for ages though an only ever used it for information.
  9. Im from central coast way nsw. i might be able to get some parts ill post up some pics of wat i might be able to get my hands on, can anyone help me out with these parts, i ll be up in brisbane with it aswell if anyone up there has some of the parts. Let me know, many thanks to phatt180 aswell im really keen on the car but want AC as it gets hot an i dont want to.
  10. Ok that makes sense, just got a photo of my mates motor. what are the 3 boxes, i have put on the picture, theres 2 pulleys and somthin silver which looks to maybe have had a pulley removed. thanks so much, sorry for all the questions cheers
  11. Ok i ll just add this its a bit bigger. should it be where the blue arrow is How much is it worth to get another one ? and is it hard to put it back in the car and set back up. thanks Luke
  12. is it exactly under the pwr steering, would i be able to see it from looking above the or can you not see it unless underneath. can i see it from that photo? I have another photo lookin straight down if that would help cheers Luke
  13. Hey Im needing some help from fellow memebers. I m lookin at buyin a 180, the air con doesnt work, due to the bigger radiator and FMIC the AC cooling radiator is no longer fitted. thats not the main concern as i will be modding it to fit back in the right spot as AC is a must in summer. I ve been told that the fans and heater and all that work but it doesnt cool down the pipes on the firewall have been disconected for the AC and im wondering how hard it is to get it back up and runnin. I ll post up 2 pics one of the pulley which i believe maybe the compressor not sure so if someone could tell me what it is it would help me heaps and also one of the 2 fittings on the firewall. If someone could also advise me of where they go AC wise that would be very good thanks heaps in advance, really need to find out this info. cheers Luke