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  1. So if you are a rich actor and especially someone who has been acting for a while in Hollywood or so, there is a good chance you have a bunch of incredible cars (Male or Female). 1. Jennifer Lopez - Aston Martin DB7 (DAMN!!!) 2. Eddie Murphy has a Mercedes with Gullwings and the list goes on . . . If I was a rich actor, I would get the two following cars: !971 GTR BABY and as my daily driver, I would be in the following :
  2. Make money on sport?

    I made a bet on this Canadian Tennis player, Bianca Andreescu a few months ago (Pre-Covid), I won like 20 bucks. Next, round I lost. Then I just started playing black jack and things are more consistent. However, it's not big money. I would say you better know A LOT about the sport you are betting. I don't know anything about Tennis, I just saw her in the media and got lucky. One time only.
  3. Big time bud - I've been recently digging into a lot of old games. Anyone remember Dragon's Strike (Thing came with an awesome VHS).