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  1. who's got big dogs?

    I have a big dog. I always dreamed of a royal dog, but my girlfriend decided that we need something smaller, so we chose a rottweiler together. This is a great breed of dog. I'm very pleasantly surprised that he is obedient and that he doesn't create any problems at home in the form of nibbling shoes or tearing laminate flooring with his nails. I really love Buddy. He is my best friend. But regardless of the fact that he has the best character and upbringing, he has recently appeared new strange habits. Our veterinarian says that this is because he needs more nutrients that he cann't get from the feed, so he pulls the leash and tries to eat grass. I'm looking for good vitamins and supplements for dogs, I looked at the description on the portal World Pet Express of some of them, but I can’t choose what exactly Buddy needs. Maybe someone here knows what vitamins and supplements are good for rottweilers?
  2. Private Health Cover?

    Thank you for sharing this information. Last year, I found out that my insurance didn't cover all my medical bills and this led to significant money problems. I tried to replace expensive branded pills with generics (I found them on the Canadian Pharmacy portal), I consulted my doctor before replacing the pills, but it's still quite expensive. I want to change my insurance company and I’m looking for different offers, but it’s either expensive or the insurance also doesn't cover all my medical bills. Any tips?
  3. O.C.D

    Does anyone know some ways to reduce anxiety in OCD?
  4. proton engine swap

    Thank you for sharing!
  5. Do you want to update Garmin GPS?

    Thank you for sharing!
  6. Adelaide Dyno Tuners

    Thank you for sharing!
  7. Logistic companies in pakistan

    Thank you for sharing!