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  1. Hi everyone, Ca18det all oem , just better intake and exhaust ..raised boost to 1.1 bar and retarded timing via cas by 2 degrees. Dyoned 255hp/290nm and ran strong with healthy compression. The oher day driving it absolutely normal without excesive abuse... it started missfiring , lost power , black smoke. Removed spark plugs ( first 2 grey color proper burnt) (3rd and 4th black.. gas smell) I thought it’s just smthn wrong with coils or plugs ... Left the car to cool down... then tried to start it as cold ... while cranking it literally sounds like no compression in one or two cylinders at all .... Starts on 2 or 3 cylinders and when trying to rev ... i can clearly hear smthn ticking in the back of the head ... .......... any thoughts and ideas ? I will try them all. PS I worked on engines.. just never on a ca18det before