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  1. Instruction Manuals

    You sir are going to heaving without the queue... Thanks so much!
  2. Brembo f40/f50 calipers

    I got the f40, since i got a really good deal on them, the guy i bought it from didn't know what they actually were, but i didn't rob him either. Really happy with them
  3. My friend plasti diped his interior with few cans, turned out horribly, maybe try restoring it? i'd recommend these guys ar woodensteeringwheels.com, they reconditioned my steering wheel, but they do dashes as well, it took 2 months which is a bit long, but the result was worth waiting for. Try hit them up
  4. S15 Handling mods

    Hmn i'll consider coilovers for my next buy, maybe even kw if i get a raise