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  1. Bitcoin Thread

    There's a lot that can be said about Bitcoin. It's great for the people that got in early. This thread was started in 2014! But there's still lots of potential for the people getting in right now. For instance, a Bitcoin casino named MintDice is offering 100% provably fair games with very low house edges. This is something that has never been seen before in the entire online casino industry. With such great odds, it really makes you want to get into crypto and play considering you can't find deals like this anywhere in live casinos.
  2. Buy a car for Bitcoin

    I've always dreamed of the day that blockchain can accelerate to the day that we can use for purchases. For example, crypto does seem to be disrupting online payments by giving users new options and control of their money with lowered fees and irreversible payments. It's one more thing competing in the financial system out there.
  3. new!

    I'm new too, so glad to be part of the excellent Nissan community!