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  1. I am in need for an S15 bonnet in good condition, would anyone here happen to have one for sale? Cheers.
  2. Hi everyone I am in a stressed spot now, I was in the process of replacing one rocker arm, and that's all fine and fixed, though i put the cam shaft back on and torqued everything to spec even sprocket, had to do this whole process twice because some marks I made didn't line up. But once I lined everything up I have these 2 major problems: * The silver links aren't lining up on the 2 dots, instead was working with someone on car and they made these marks ( I believe when I opened valve cover it was like that. * The even bigger issue I cannot insert the chain tensioner because it won't go in, the bracket that holds the timing chain is solid as a rock and won't move. I have run out of options and don't know what to do. I'd really appreciate any help I could get (I've read the manual multiple times)
  3. So my Nissan Silvia has a ton of problems, and I'm worried my budget is going to go overboard. Basically, when I reversed the car it would turn off and it turns out 2 cylinders or whatever is not working and the spark plugs were completely messed up on 2 of them. They were very black and the one cylinder that worked, the spark plugs metal thing on the tip of it actually was broken off but still working. Anyways, replaced spark plug and batteries still the same issue it seems but I am not trying to reverse it. When I turn on the car and let it run and even when it's warm it has a knocking like sound. Compression is low as mentioned first cylinder is 120, the second is 145, the third is 128, fourth is 145 And I noticed the oil is THICK as hell, I went to drain some and it took quite a long time, maybe this was so the sound of the knocking isn't so rough? And lastly, when trying to put the car into reverse it's a bit of a challenge as it has a bit of a problem going into reverse gear. Just looking at what the problems could be. Here is a video of the sound of the engine. Also the spark plug leads all seem to be fine. silvia.mp3