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  1. S15 coil loom pin out

    Hey guys, I really hope this hasn't been answered elsewhere but I've looked everywhere and used the search on this forum. Basically I need the pinout for s15 sr20det jdm coil pack loom, engine harness side. The 6 pin connector. I'm hoping for *example of what I'm looking for, this isn't accurate* Pin 1 = 12v power Pin 2 = ign signal 1 Pin 3 = ground Etc etc This may seem like a simple thing for me to check but I don't actually have access too a s15 harness currently. I tried to get some photos sent to me but they weren't overly clear, it also looked like the 6 pin connector only had 5 wires pinned to it? Is this correct? As the ecu pinout I read had 7 pins for coils (2 of which are grounds, 4 ignition and 1 12v power) does the ground split off down the loom and go to two pins for the ecu? Any help much appreciated. Even some clear photos of the wires going into the 6 pin connector.