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  1. GTR turbo options

    over 400rwkw is possible out of -5's really depends on the motor tho and weather its been built to suit. Nah amte, there was a gtr in hot4's a while ago, a non cracked engine with -5's on her pulling 401awkw. any stock motor can make shitloads for example ant scalli made 880rwhp out of a stock bottomend 26.. how long did it last? not long. im talking a reliable 400+rwkw. It's all in the tune, supporting mods and the maintenance. I had 400+ rwkw with an almost stock engine in a circuit car and never had any problem in the past. Engine was tuned my Martin Donnon. You will need to know where the RB limits are. Use the right oil, watch the rev limit, keep the engine oil temp low with appropriate cooling mods, change oil regularly and watch out for detonation (+rectify it immediately). Failure to do so will wreck any built engine not just stock RB.
  2. GTR turbo options

    I made 400+rwkw with the T517Z on my Rb26. They are a nice compromise for drag and circuit setups. I am selling them atm because I've gone bigger to the t618z.
  3. I am using Mad Engine Racing to do up my and a mate Honda S2000 engines atm. They are in Bailey Cresent, Southport. The builder is very deligent and careful. When it's done it will be mad lol They are in Bailey Cresent, Southport.
  4. R32 GTR Debut

    do you guys have any idea what is the compressor driven by the intake cam gear is for?
  5. yes the unit comes with hardware and software If you want to download, you can go to their website to download the trial version....there isn't much difference.
  6. It's fairly useful to log the channels and also adjust the cruise AF ratio if you have access to a wideband.
  7. HKS Filter element

    I just removed the 2x HKS green filter from my RB last weekend. If you make the right offer I may let them go BTW how much is it for the filter element replacement?
  8. Gearbox . Transmission Shop

    Thanks Clint. I heard they are fairly good but not sure if they had work on an RB dogbox.
  9. Gearbox . Transmission Shop

    Is there any one good with dogbox service/rebuild in the south side?
  10. Evo 7 or 500+hp GTR 32

    That's an evo 9 clint. There are big improvements between the 9 and the 7 series. Kaos, the only thing worth considering in this case is the modifications on the gtr and the asking price for the car. It's hard to give advice without see the list of modifications. You should also take the cars for test drive and see which one suits your driving style. I own slightly modded s2k and r32gtr. I've driven slightly modded evo 9 and gtr. I find that the gtr is more predictable without all of the go gast oem gizmo and prefer the gtr than the evo. However that's just me you might find the opposite. I think replacement evolution parts are still expensive. The evo is a lot easier to work on. The RB requires a lot more elbow grease. Also check for rust on the godzilla cos it has aged. Anyway keep us posted on the mods and asking price for the 32
  11. Gtr R35 - Coming To Brisbane

    The car is much nicer to see in person than the pics around the www. I can't wait to see a fully modded GTR35 one day
  12. Gtr R35 - Coming To Brisbane

    Thanks for the notice!!! Cleaning my SLR atm. It would be nice to see the beast in its flesh finally
  13. A specific workshop in Woolloongabba, where I used to take both of my Honda and R32 for work because my mate went there, took my money to order parts and then according to the owner declared bankruptcy. I still have the receipt for my credit with them and have not receive the parts. They also stole my R32 GTr bellhose and transfer case to use in their S13. I've been to the police before but all they advised is to wait for the Bankruptcy trustee to get back to me. I've been busy and have not had much time to deal with this so I took the poly advice and waited for the repayment. Of course I can't call the owner and the owner failed to call me to settle things like he promised. I made a post up here 2 days ago to before to check if anyone has receive any payment from their "bankruptcy". However this post was somehow removed I just did an ABN search and the search result shows that the specific workshop has relocated to NSW to trade. Is there any one up here that is up to date with Bankruptcy or receivership? Is it possible in Australia to declare bankruptcy and still has an active ABN? Has anyone that been to the workshop receive any call from the trustee or have I been tricked again ? Thanks for any advice
  14. The engine will suck some water fromt the overflow bottle back but not that much. When the coolant is hot it will pressurise and open the radiator cap. When it cools it will draw some water back until the cap is closed. you might have a coolant leak somewhere in the engine or you have a very strong/broken radiator cap.
  15. ^ my friend lost all of his bolts that hold the seat to the rail so he can't take anything except the seat into the bolt place. There should be a better way but if that what it will take then ..... All Bride seats should have similar bolts. I am wondering if anyone know what the exact specification of the bolts are so I can get them from a local bolt place