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  1. The Football Thread Continued

    Guys, I am just curious, have you ever tried betting on sports events? Using websites like https://1xbet-th.com/ for example. I've heard that it can be profitable, is it really so?
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  4. Bitcoin Thread

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  5. Casino - Who plays and what do you play?

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  10. American trip, need ideas

    I really want to visit my friends in Florida this year, https://worldpostalcode.com/united-states/florida/tampa to be specific. Sadly, I am quite busy at work but I think that I'll manage to have a week of to go for a trip. I am not sure if I'll be able to do it this summer but I am pretty sure about the autumn. So I am looking forwards to have some fun.
  11. How to prepare a plan for your work?

    A plan is the basis of every work and it's very important to do it well. Unfortunately, I failed at this step and felt sad about it. Nevertheless, I sound https://www.bestassignmentservices.co.uk/assignment-writing-services/assignmentmasters-co-uk-review/ and I hope I will solve my problems with essays.
  12. Resumes

    Hahaha, it was a rather funny story, The matter is that I didn't write my resume myself. That time I saw rushmyessay reviews and decided that I can order it there. So, it was a mistake because I didn't have an idea about what they have written about me.
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  14. Bitcoin Thread

    Guys, has anyone ever used crypto trading signals? Is it a legit thing? I am quite curious about the thing because I tried trading and lost quite a lot because I am too dumb to predict what will happen next with the price I guess...