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  1. engine died on 1.3 bar/18.8psi so I do no recommend to go further than 1.1bar/15psi on stock block and ECU
  2. have u checked belt tension? if u can press it with ur finger, apparently it's not on tense maybe some whistling in that area?
  3. Steering wheels

    I suppose everyone uses that he finds comfortable and likes it. Also, u can measure your stock wheel deep and compare which one u need. and u can find a kit that like boss or something other, quick release or regular, whatever u like in particular, I like deep Nardi wheels with perforated leather, like that one https://www.driftworks.com/nardi-deep-corn-steering-wheel-black-perforated-leather-with-red-stitching-and-white-annodised-spokes-350mm.html but a lot of people I know prefer OMP wheels, maybe cuz they more popular among pro drivers https://www.carid.com/omp/corsica-superleggero-series-racing-steering-wheel.html just decide which one u like and put it, it's not hard at all
  4. Cartel Defi-Style Gauges

    here's just for comparing https://www.carid.com/defi/defi-racer-series-gauges-1242295162.html
  5. I'd better go with synthetic 10w60 on every turbo engine
  6. Cartel Defi-Style Gauges

    I'd better go with defi gauges
  7. Lexus is200

    Hey, as far as I know, IS200 engine bay is same with jzx80/90/100 bays, so you can put there JZ, RB, UZ, long story short almost any line six or V8 block. So what's your quastion? I can try to help you