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  1. Apparently, the sales of organic food products are growing, but still the major market share is captured by the conventional food. Creating awareness on the use and benefits of organic foods is a powerful thing that can bring some real business for organic food delivery services. Such service providers need to make some serious investment in educating people on why organic foods need to be consumed more, even if it costs considerably more than conventional food. In this discussion, we are going to talk about some ready-to-go facts that should convince users on the consumption and benefits of organic products. Organic food is safe and healthy We commonly hear that organic food isn’t any more nutritious that the conventional food, so no point in wasting more money. According to The Soil Association, the organic food intake enhances the consumption of essentials minerals, vitamins, fatty acids, and antioxidants. However, let’s not mix nutritional values with safety and health. But researchers have convincingly stated that organic food carries more nutrition, which may carry forward to regulate the health of the body. On the other hand, non-organic food comes with toxic elements such as pesticides responsible for causing a variety of problems in the human body including nausea, diarrhea, different allergies, and more. Organic food makes way for strong future generations Research conducted by Environmental Working Group (EWG) states that pesticides and pollutants in foods we eat can cause some serious health risks to our babies who are yet to have birth. There are several studies associating pesticides and other toxic materials with birth defects, low birth weight, behavioral and neurological disorders, abnormalities in hormonal functions, autism, etc. Furthermore, infertility in both males and females can also be caused by pesticides. Apparently, upon consuming foods from reliable organic prodcue delivery providers, the future generations will arrive strong and protected from all such health-related concerns and disorders. Organic foods keep water clean As we know, most of the earth’s natural water is at risk due to the mass dumping of industrial waste, chemicals, and plastic. While companies that dispose the waste of pesticides and other toxic chemicals inappropriately can contaminate the water sources and soil as well. On the other hand, organic food farming helps keep the water clean and also utilize less water, hence, preserving the natural water supplies as much as possible. Organic food protect animals Wildlife and marine animals depend upon the water in lakes, oceans, rivers, etc. for sustaining their health. While pesticides invading such waters will only affect their health and habitat. US policy associated to organic livestock isn’t perfect. While organic food focuses less on a happy lifestyle and more on how animals should be appropriately fed and treated with medications. Furthermore, research indicates that organic livestock registers a higher probability for a better treatment as compared to their non-organic counterparts.